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What Can Be an Objective Basis For a "Right" Action?

When people say that the 'rightness' of something can be objective, how can they substantiate that objectivity? Most assertions fail: "It's right because we think that it is" "It's right because it has existed in our ancestral past" etc.
How, then, can anyone provide an unassailable valid, sound argument for the objectivity of moral 'rightness'?

Here is one.

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There is none.

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If there is no objective morality than the statement 'there is no objective morality' is equally non-objective.

Nothing is objective in regards to anything non-physical so really the point is moot.

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This statement is highly fallible and contentious. For example, there is objective truth (e.g. there is either other life in the universe, or not; mars either has liquid water, or it does not).

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instig8or(3308) Disputed
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You can't prove that any of those words have any objective definitions in the first place. :) It's all in interpretation.

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After reading Nietzsche, Kant, Aristotle, Mill, Moore, and others I can tell you there are no proofs for an objective morality. The only options out there are half convincing opinions as to why a certain system of morality should be adopted.

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Quite well said, that.

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