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 What is the WORST video game ever created? (9)

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What is the WORST video game ever created?

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I actually think it is a well constructed game, but thats not where the problem lies. Its the effect it has on people. People go CRAZY over this game. In my high school of 1100 kids, I would say 400 kids do nothing but play and talk about WOW. I've talked with a former WOW player, and he says that it gets boring after about a year, but it becomes a part of your daily life. So like, even though its boring, youre still playing because you are ADDICTED! In my humble opinion, that is totally wack.

Oh yeah... and it cost 15 DOLLARS A MONTH TO PLAY. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meh, I support and Dispute I mean it is fun it holds over I think 40 million players.

Majority of adults!

But the effects on some of the people are just horrible I think.

I know families that have faced divorces over that game and another called: Everquest

But WoW is definitely fun I am a daily player. It has a great story line.

It is boring leveling your toon.

But once you hit the level cap it is probably the funnest thing ever!

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Warlin(1213) Disputed
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If it was the worst videogame ever created, people wouldn't be spending 15 bucks a month on it to play it in the first place.

Something about your logic is flawed.

I mean, I can't stand it, but honestly, it's Blizzard. They're videogame gods.

Side: World of Warcraft
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I didnt think anybody would take this debate seriously... but okay.

You really need to pay attention. I said it was a "well-constructed game" which means I think its a legitimate video game. ITS THE EFFECT IT HAS ON PEOPLE THAT I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH.

So, in case you didnt catch that, the reason I think it is the worst video game is not because of the content of the game itself... its the people who continue to pay the 15 dollars a month just so they can remain sane, so according to logic my opinion is justified.

I think its the WORST game because of the EFFECT, not the CONTENT, which I think outweighs any game critquing category.

Side: World of Warcraft
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I have to give this one to Superman 64. The N64 controller itself is quite strange (I love it, i'm just used to 2 prongs and 2 sticks), but mixed with these bad controls, flying through rings, the lack of a QA department, it's just bad.

Side: World of Warcraft
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i think wow is probably one of the stupidest games ever. people sit there and think its real life. these are the same kids that have girlfriends online that they've never met

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Sulith(508) Disputed
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Ok not true.

People who do that are young probably kids under 12 that don't even know how to play the game.

You just disagree with everything I say because well look at your account name..

Enough said.

Side: Final Fantasy and Mortal Combat
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Both are old and need to die damn chinks repeat the same story in each expansion!

These games need to die Mortal combat promotes horrible violence to young gaming generations

Side: Final Fantasy and Mortal Combat
ShikeNuggets(6) Disputed
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First of all, its Mortal Kombat. Second of all, age should not dictate whether a game should die or not.

Side: Final Fantasy and Mortal Combat