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What is the best colour?




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Blue always is the best color because lots of hero's wear blue like Spiderman, Batman(old version), Superman and Aquaman plus, the sky is blue too.

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Blue is also a much better word; easier to say and with a much nicer feeling to it.

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Blue :)

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Blue has a tranquil effect and I can see a blue sky in all its glory.

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Orange is the only colour with a fruit dedicated to its existance. This makes it quite a special colour. In Addition The Netherlands national colour is orange, and last time I checked the dutch are the super race of the world. But the most important factor is; across the world prisoners all wear fashionable orange jumpsuits. Is this because they have to? Yes, it is

Case closed

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orange for the following reasons

1) its bright

2) it is a PROPER highlighter colour.

3)its got the word range in it

4) they are tasty.

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