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What is the best kind of pancakes?

My family has been arguing about this for a while and now I want to now what you guys think! Blueberry or plain?

Blueberry Pancakes

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Plain Pancakes

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I like blueberry by far! Nothing beats the mix of blueberries, buttermilk pancakes, and some syrup!

Side: Blueberry Pancakes

I am an actual former iHop employee so in my expert opinion blueberry pancakes are superior to plain pancakes

Side: Blueberry Pancakes

Plain Pancakes. How dare you taint pancakes with you many ingredients. Make pancakes pure again!

Side: Plain Pancakes
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Well....I posted on this side since I didn't want to vote blueberry, but my favorite option wasn't listed.

What do I like on my pancakes?

I whip up a mixture of honey, whiskey, and cocaine and crushed almonds. Then drizzle that over the cakes.

Then top it all with a big dollop of Cool Whip.

A big mug of Bailey's and coffee on the side.

Breakfast of champions, amigos!


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Blueberry is delicious but there are almost infinite variations on pancakes just like almost infinite variations on ice creams. It's comparable to a debate saying which is the best ice cream, blueberry or vanilla? What about chocolate? What about all the other fruit possibilities? Etc.

The advantage to plain pancakes is you can put infinite choices of toppings on them, whereas with blueberry you could still do a lot but some flavors aren't going to pair with blueberry.

Side: Plain Pancakes
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Flat ones are by far and away the best of all..............

Side: Plain Pancakes
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Yeah, I agree.

I like chicks with small breasts too!

Those little perky B cups with the nipples that get hard real easily.


you weren't talking about.......


Side: Plain Pancakes