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 What is the best movie ever made? (7)

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What is the best movie ever made?

Out of every movie wich one is the best.

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While I enjoyed many others a great deal, I'd have to say that James Cameron's T2: Judgement Day was the best I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot.

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A movie made from a book called "1984" by: George Orwell.

I would recommend reading the book though.

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There is so many that i cant decide.

One of my favourites that will always pop into mind is "Bugsy Malone" ,

starring : Jodie Foster , Scott Baio,Florrie Dugger ,Michael Jackson.

Any movie with Nickolas Cage in it stands a good chance of being rated no.1.

I absolutely love the movie "Face Off".

And Terminater 1 & 2 , but 2 is better then 1.

"The Color Purple" starring Whoopie Goldberg , Danny Glover ,and Oprah Winfrey is pretty darn good also.

Im going to stop now and leave room for others to decide what is best movie ever made as i cant decide.

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Happy Gilmore hands down it has everything, fights with Bob Barker,little Oriental woman, midgets, hockey and golf.

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When where there midgets in Happy Gilmore, and also Bob beat Happy in that fight hands down!!!

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The best movie ever has to be Monty Python and the quest for the holy grail. So don disagree or i will say "NI" at you.

My favorite is "Midnight Cowboy" because of the superb acting, a very good story, and the movie won the Best Picture Oscar.