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 What is the best reality TV show of all time? (6)

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What is the best reality TV show of all time?

So many to choose from....
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No way, the original Reality TV show, "The Real World" is definitely the best. Where else can you see a gay man, a hooker, a crackhead, and a redneck all living in the same house and trying to kill eachother? It's great entertainment.

- So You Think You Can Dance

(I love Shane Sparks, the variety of choreography, and the great talent.)

- Hell's Kitchen

(This is how real kitchens are, you cannot baby the people!)

- Don't Forget the Lyrics

(Wayne Brady was the best pick to host this show!)

- The Real World

(For starting it all!)

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the bad girls club is so the rawwest reality show of all time because all they do is fight

My vote goes to "American Idol." I have been a loyal fan from the start and will continue until its last season broadcasts in 2016.

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I could say this is an oxymoron of a question, but I am very guilty of watching plenty of reality television. So, I'm going to say, I prefer the shows that are actually competitions/games providing legitimate entertainment, rather than the shows that document peoples' "real lives" ... but, I'm guilty of watching those too. ::cough::Hills::cough:: Final answer: Amazing Race is definitely the best reality show out there, by far.
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Temptation Island....1st season :)