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 What is the best way to fight an addiction? (18)

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What is the best way to fight an addiction?

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Or something similar. I dunno. If you really want to quit somethin', you'll quit it. And I imagine people are going to flail and weh about that but I have been chemically addicted to things before. And withdrawals are not fun but they are totes manageable.

So really the best way to fight an addiction is to not be a bitch about it.

Right on.

I use to be addicted to drugs about 3 months ago.

I just said fk it. I can't do anything with my life while I'm on this crap. So I just dropped it completely.

sauh(1106) Disputed
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What drug(s) were you addicted to about 3 months ago, that you just dropped completely?

Atrag(5553) Disputed
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You lost me at totes.

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Give me an example and I'll tell you how to beat it.


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Easy. Get a fucking hobby that doesn't involve the internet or DVD's.


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Get a fucking hobby that doesn't involve money.


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Get a fucking hobby that doesn't involve... lol jk.

Distance yourself from anyone who has or supplies drugs. If it's really severe, then enter rehab.

An addiction to hobbies.

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LOL! Nice one. Maybe do some drugs... I don't know.

Atrag(5553) Clarified
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Thinking about having sex with men all the time.

Eat Sunflower seeds.

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The best way to no longer be addicted to something is to become addicted to something more powerful / addicting.

Not necessarily beneficial, but highly effective.

Different addictions,different cures.If its drugs,I may be able to help.

Find another and stronger one.


If it's really an addiction, it's out of your control, and at that point you need someone with nothing invested to take control from you.