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 What is the funniest sect of Christianity? (7)

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What is the funniest sect of Christianity?

We have TONS:

Catholics, Mormons, the snake freaks, Witnesses.... There are literally hundreds of forms of Christianity, who is the kookiest?

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I think Aethiests are freaking hilarious! I mean they are all like, "Dude, I don't believe in G-d, but I'm still a Christian." I mean, just how does that work exactly? Satinists are pretty funny too! But I mean all Christianity is hilarious. They say they are monotheistic when, in reality, they worship Christ! That's 2! Oh, and don't forget some holy ghost that appears out of nowhere! That is three! (Three is more than one) Polytheism! And they are idol worshipers too. If you go to any Catholic Church, you will see a giant cross with Jesus hanging from it. Um, newsflash, THAT IS AN IDOL!

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pvtNobody(642) Disputed
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A crucifix hanging in a Catholic Church is a statue that provides a visual way to reflect on the actual person. It would only be idol worship if people believed that the crucifix was actually a god, or were praying to the crucifix that simply isn't the case for Catholics. Furthermore, the Holy Trinity is one God in three parts, that is a single God that reveals Himself as three persons. If you're going to make fun of something you should at least take the time to understand what you're making fun of.

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Suicidal, radical, fanatical Muslims are pretty funny when they try to justify killing innocent women and children.

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snake handlers, look them up, it is fucking stupid


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I guess the Holy Rollers would be the funniest sect of Christianity.

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The ones that are not Christian. Atheist, devil worshipers; like there is a difference between these two. Any other form of religion that is not Christian.

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pugilist77(63) Disputed
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You are just hilariously wrong. Christians and Atheists are two sides of the same coin. One is positive there is a God, the other is positive there is no God. You can throw devil worshippers in there too. I think the funniest sect of Christianity is the snake freaks. They dont go to the doctor after an effin snake bites them.... that is called "bat shit crazy"

Mormons are a close second with their nonsense.

Catholicism would be funny if it werent so tragic and scary.

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