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 What is the greatest form or genre of music? (33)

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What is the greatest form or genre of music?

 A purely selfish and opinionated debate for all to enjoy!

For myself, I'm a prog head.

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For me,classical rock and rock in general, like Led Zepplin,Guns and Roses,Black Viel Brides,Fall out boy,AC/DC,MGMT, any kind of music associated with those examples.

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I'm big on Pink Floyd and Zeppelin myself. Great stuff!

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Rock, Metal, or Orchestral.

There really is not greatest form or genre, you just have musical opinions. In my opinion though, Death Metal is the best genre, but I do still like baroque composers like Fernando Sor and some math rock.

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For me

1. Tie between Grunge/90's Alt and Heavy/Black/Death Metal

2. Hair bands from the 80's who thought they were metal

3. Punk

4. Classic Rock

5. Motown

Lately I've been listening to Amanda Palmer. I don't know what genre she is but she's my new favorite, for now at least.

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She's from a dark cabaret band named The Dresden Dolls, also the wife of THE NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN. Only a few dozen bands fit in this genre and I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Also, hilarious what you said about 80's metal! They though they were edgy as shit then ahaha.


Now the link I'm giving for the Dresden Dolls is creepy so I warn anyone who doesn't feel like being pseudo-violated not to watch it.

Missed Me by the Dresden Dolls
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I loved a few of their songs, Coin Operated Boy, Shores of CA, but they were never really on my radar before I got into AFP and sort of backtracked, they were one of those bands where I'd hear something and be like "who the hell sings this? I know I've heard these guys" but wouldn't come up with the name.

I like her better with the Grand Theft Orchestra though honestly.

Skip to 2:15 if you don't like long intros
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Math rock is waay underrated in my opinion.

Give the link a title.

You into This Town Needs Guns, Pretend or Circa Survive by any chance?

I like all of those (I feel Circa is lacking... the instrumental work feels like a placeholder for Green to sing over... and he sings a lot... with very long notes... anyways...) but TTNG has been one of my all time favorites since... well since "Animals" came out.

Thanks for reminding me I like Pretend, it's been a while. I lost almost all my music recently and I've been on a downloading spree; I'll make sure to add that one to the list.

Maps & Atlases, The Sounds of Animals Fighting, The Dear Hunter (not Deerhunter or the movie The Deer Hunter... very confusing to look up), Tera Melos, Portugal. the Man, Foals, Youthmovies... you like any of those?

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Oh hella yeah!(pun intended) I make math rock myself as well! have you heard any Don Caballero? They can be a bit on the thrashy side.

For me it depends on numerous factors: mood, environment, the fact I get burned out on most genres briefly after listening almost exclusively to them.

Lately, I've been mostly into witch house, though that's kind of gimicky and not really "great". Always had a soft-spot for industrial, probably what I've spent the most time listening to. And darkwave.

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Honestly I agree, it depends on my mood. I also get burned out, and I do believe some music is meant in small doses, and others in huge indulgence.

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Celtic. I love celtic music. The Chieftans, Flogging Molly, Gaelic Storm, Dropkick Murphy's, and Enter the Haggis.

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For me its Christian rock I love how it sounds! Its totally amazing! :)

judas(295) Disputed
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Bwahhhahaahahahahaha..... oh shit......damn that was funny.....

HidekiTojo(149) Disputed
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Come on man! This isn't a religon debate. In fact, this isn't a debate at all. It's all opinionated.

Srom(12207) Disputed
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Ok? I don't get how you laugh at something that isn't funny.

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I know you're the typical atheist, but seriously, try not to be ignorant, especially with music. Thinking that music is bad simply because of someone's faith is just being a douche.

These are all Christian Rock bands:

As I Lay Dying

August Burns Red


So, in musical terms, your brain power is very diminished, you're not all that # and go F yourself.

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A F I !
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Opera. Luciano Pavarotti was a god among men.


Hard rock.

If anyone dares say dubstep, house or whatever new cat-in-a-blender-sounding 'genre' of 'music' they deserve a good kick in the head.

ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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House is not new.

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Did I say it was?


Srom(12207) Disputed
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Dubstep is amazing how could you not like it!

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There is no "greatest genre of music". They are all equally good. I have my favorites yes, but that is not the point.

Akulakhan(2985) Clarified
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The point isn't really to 'prove' your opinion, but just to share it. It's just for the fun of it!

Right now, Deadmau5 is the greatest form in music with his talents.

I think Trance music is the greatest genre because the beat just mesmerizes.

In my opinion, Punk Rock, Hard Rock and Nu Metal are the greatest genres of music.