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 What is the main problem in non-nuclear families????? (7)

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What is the main problem in non-nuclear families?????

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They're broken.

anachronist(889) Disputed
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What does that even mean?

Axmeister(4320) Disputed
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Non-nuclear families are considered dysfunctional families, some of the less politically correct among us like to refer to them as "broken" families, because they do not fit in with the functionalist perspective of everything in life having a proper place.

None of them can develop superpowers without a source of radioactivity.

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Do you know what the term "nuclear family" means? Or are you just making a joke?

anachronist(889) Disputed
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It's a joke, Axey.

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In non nuclear families the main and distinct problem is low income. As we know problems with money are often stuff in such families. It can cause conflicts and quarrels and final result will be divorcement.