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What is the most appropriate way to salute our savior, President Barack Obama?


Nazi Salute

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Military Salute

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I use my middle finger to salute him.

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Going nazi with the middle finger? Like it.

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Interesting new twist to the Nazi salute. .

Side: Nazi Salute

President Barack Obama will save us from our evil in the name of all corporations and one percent rich people with high taxation where all will gloriously prosper with redistributed money.

All those corporations and rich people have done such a disservice to all of us by creating vast amounts of wealth by capital formation that all hard work must be punished with high taxes.

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Stop right there. Obama gave them handouts to the job creators who then created jobs. America has only 7% unemployment while EU is lagging behind.

Job makers like wallstreet are nescessary so that our young people can pay off their student debt by leeching off of the hard work of others and destabilizing the food market in developing countries.

Government can redistributes to the corporations to make job and cash prosperity money.

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WTF??? This probably the most incoherent response I read in a while. Please you stop right there.

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Well he is kinds evil so why not nazi salute hahahahahahahhaha but he might get mad but it doesn't matter

Side: Nazi Salute

Obama will save us from those evil corporations, by taking over the role of these corporation and forcing us to buy and use their product, how lovely.

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True, insurance is only the beginning of forced purchase. At this point, the commerce clause has no limitations of what government can't do.

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Although President Obama has caused many more problems than solutions, at least, I will give him respect as President.

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