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What is the most evil thing a person could possibly do?

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Very interesting and difficult question FactMachine. I have not formulated any deep opinions on this topic but I can list some of my initial thoughts of Evil things people do/could do (in no particular order) as a means to contribute to this discussion in some way:

-Intentionally applying extreme forms of torture to innocent people

-Carrying out activities that lead to the destruction of the human species in any meaningful way as well as the other current animals on the planet (extinction) (Also, extinction of Humans could be argued not to be evil modulo a "The Day the Earth Stood Still' type of perspective)

-Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing

-Intentional purveying Propaganda en masse to the gullible

-Intentionally using Bio-Weapons, Chemical-Weapons, Nuclear Weapons, ect. on masses of innocent people

-Human Sex trafficking

-Vivisection on Humans without consent (as well as other Mammals, and some other forms of animal life..)

-Extreme Child Abuse--Child labor

-Serial Rapist

-Extreme emotional/psychological and physical abuse intended to re-educate a person into despair/grind them down (e.g. Think 1984-- )




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A close second is eat your own young, poop, or others' poop. Just don't do it. Don't eat poop.

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Hello F:

WIN the presidency of the United States of America just so you can DESTROY the world..


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the most evil thing a person can do is kill a person for no reason.

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I'd say genocide, on a global scale, in a way that people suffer for as long as possible. That would almost have to be some sort of virus, released into the atmosphere, at numerous points throughout the world - almost simultaneously.