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 What is the most influencial country in the world(including those that no longer exist)? (11)

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What is the most influencial country in the world(including those that no longer exist)?

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Israel, christanity came out of Isreal. The history of the United Kingdom, France, Russia e.c.t., and there former colony's would have been different.

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You seem to have interesting answers to these debates that you are posting. I never would have thought of this one. It totally makes sense though.

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Roman Empire as all of our knowledge came from it. They were engineering masters and the world would definitely would be a different place (probably less technologically advance) without them.

izazovnog(322) Disputed
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Yes, that is a good point, but a lot of rome's knowlege came from greece, so following your arguement, you could say greece is the most influecial country.

DevinSeay(1120) Disputed
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True that is. True that is.

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Babylon because the idea of money started with them and eventhough they exist no more, their influence is still powerful today. We cannot buy and sell without money.

DevinSeay(1120) Disputed
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I have to disagree. Trade of belongings has always been about. Some people today still believes trade is a good idea. However, after Babylon, not all countries used coins. Romans would pay their soldiers in salt as it was so expensive.

However, yes, money is a everyday use to us now.

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Mongol Empire. Controlled more than half the known world, and forever influenced European and Asian policy.

Was it Rome that had Latin originally? Most languages today are derived from Latin, so which ever country introduced that I'd say was the most influential.

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Yes it came about in Ancient Rome. Indeed most languages somewhere originate from Latin.

I will say the United States because this country sets a paradigm for the rest of the world to follow.