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 What is the most interesting thing you've learned recently? (32)

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What is the most interesting thing you've learned recently?

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That there really is a solution when you find yourself in a sticky situation, LOL!

Have No Fear, Vince Is Here!

I just found what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life...

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Yay!! Just persevere and always schtick to it!! LOL :))

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I had no idea that nature has a common ratio, known as Phi, or the Golden Ratio. An example would be if you were to measure the length from the tip of your head to the floor and then divide it by the length from your belly button to the floor, it'll equal 1.618 (Phi). Apparently that number appears in almost everything and people noticed that hundreds of years ago and considered it to be the "Divine Proportion". So they built their cathedrals and other buildings according to that number. Apparently they still do, even the UN building is built around Phi.

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You lost me at I had no idea, ha!! I've heard of Phee Phi Pho Phum, does that count? LOL!

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I don't know... maybe! I can only go into so much detail. I'm terrible at math, so finding something math-related that I thought was interesting, is pretty rare.

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...that palm trees grow in Sochi, Russia! What the fuck kind of place is that for the winter games? Silly Russians.

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I learned the proof of the formula for surface area of a sphere, which completely blows my mind.

I also learned that 93% of American pet owners say they would risk their own life for their pet's...

That badger milk will help your tits grow.

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Did you learn that from personal experience?


The taste buds of cats are most sensitive to amino acids. I was reading about cats recently.

If you five a liberal a clip they will ask you for your gun.

My parents are getting a divorce. .

That totes isn't a good thing. Sorry man. If it nakes you feel better my parents wont get a divorce because each other has so much money. No love at all. #SloppyMarriage #HopeUFeelBetta

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Ok...well I take comfort in knowing they both really tried to make it work and are mutually agreeing to part civilly. No big scandals or fights.

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You remind me of this video.

It's you... if you were a dude... unless you are a dude... nevermind, just watch.

That my mommy only likes people of they are rich. Same with my dad and most of my family. Hoping I don't end up like they did. #OhNo

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Something tells me you spend a lot of time on Twitter? LOL #JustSayin' #WrongSite

Omg eww. Who tweets anymore? Lol. Vine and Instagram are the new twitter and facebook. #ThatNewStuff #UniversalHashtag

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That all eigenvalues of a stochastic matrix are strictly less than one except one which has a value of exactly one.

That is like nerd stuff that you have to dumb for me. What does that mean? Learned this in math or somthing?

The CIA invented dinosaurs to discourage time travel. ;)

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Whoa... my mind is blown.

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That if a cat puts its paw on your mouth while your asleep it's the cat checking that you're breathing, if you aren't breathing (dead) it will proceed to eat you.

1 point

Oh man, that's not cool! So, if I wake up to my cat covering my mouth with her paw, it's not some cute failed attempt to suffocate me?

1 point

Nope, she's checking if you're ok to eat :)

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The word sinister, comes from the Italian word sinistra, which means "left wing; liberal or Democrat". While the left was considered to be evil, the right was considered to be good. A word was made to express the right's "moral" way... righteous.

That the less I know, the more I think I know. .

Apparently a college education does not guarantee a well-paying job and success. God dangit.

I learned that Popeye Horshack discovered Coney Island. This was in jest but I laughed when I heard about it on a re-run of "Welcome Back, Kotter."