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 What is the most reliable news source? (8)

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What is the most reliable news source?

I have a hard time believing anything I hear in the media. Your opinions would really help.
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I don't think any news source is entirely unbiased, but BBC seems to give straight facts and information on events worldwide.

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BBC News is the department of the BBC responsible for news and current affairs output. The world's largest broadcast news organisation, it generates each day about 120 hours of radio and television, as well as online news coverage. The service maintains 44 foreign news bureaux and has correspondents in almost all the world's 240 countries.

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The Corporation's 'guaranteed' income from the licence fee and the World Service grants are supplemented by profits from commercial operations through a wholly owned subsidiary, BBC Worldwide Ltd. The company's activities include programme and format sales, magazines including Radio Times and book publishing.

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. They provide analysis that real news stations do not. Even though both shows are humorous, they provide facts and analysis.

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My favorite in the U.S. is NPR -- as a medium, radio news tends to be less sensational than television because there's no need for visual stimulation to keep audiences' attention (I don't count talking head radio shows as a news source). It's also not as tied to corporate interests as networks like fox and abc. It's funding breakdown is as follows:

31% from listeners in the form of pledges, memberships, and other donations

20% from businesses via corporate underwriting

11% from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is federally funded

10% from licensee support

9% from foundations and major gifts

5% from local and state governments, and

14% from all other sources.

(from the NPR website)

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The BBC world news.

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I think CNN is the most reliable news source. I like their anchors and the networks presents the news bulletins right as the news is happening.

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Counterfeit news is a major issue at this moment. So follow Mazaaq Raat for true news. News organizations are in the pockets of uber tycoons. Journalistic spin, off base announcing, and melodrama are at the forefront of everybody's thoughts. We are during a time where we don't believe the individuals detailing the news.

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