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 What is the reason you are alive? (21)

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What is the reason you are alive?

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My mother and father fucked - in the back of a Nomad station wagon, from what I've been told.

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And what is the reason for them doing so? Was it to produce a child?

EldonG(550) Clarified
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Yes and no. Apparently my grandparents wanted a child. It's a long and strange story...but they were the ones who raised me until I was eight.

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I’m alive because of a continuous unbroken chain of life from wherever it began until now, and because I preserve that chain myself and pass it on. Whether that chain started from “God” or nature it’s still mine and I bring it forward.

I am alive to manipulate as many poor lifeless souls as I can.

1) To piss everyone off.

2)To waste resources.

3)To piss everyone off even more by being right all the time.

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What is the reason of a mountain? What is the reason of a rock? What is the reason of blue?

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Do you know the reason or are truly asking to be informed? Rhetorical or truly inquisitive?

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Hello d:

To propagate..


dingdong(39) Disputed
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If I ask you to expand on what you mean by this, you will say I have issue with the language.

I'm alive because there are things around me which can be classified as non living...

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Interesting outlook.

Unfortunately this works backwards and you end up in an axiom that never explains a thing.

Definitions, words, are all made by us. To say that I'm alive would mean there are things I can differentiate myself from, hence assigning it a word that explains my state of being "alive" so the key factor in calling something alive, is that it's properties are different, hence things that which are "not alive" decided the creation of this word. What makes us us, is that which is not us...

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it is because your don't accept dying. Our body is made specifically to live for certain amount of time

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"What is the reason you're alive?"

We all have a purpose on this Earth. There's no denying that. However, not everybody knows they have a purpose, and not everybody has discovered their purpose yet. I haven't discovered my purpose yet, however I'm always told my purpose is keeping people happy and smiling. That is a purpose. Being told that, I may now face the inevitability of death knowing I have a purpose, and I've benefit someone.

The reason we are alive is to fulfill our purpose, whether it be big or small. There's no actual scientific reason for our existence, and why we're here, however know you have a purpose and you're unique amongst the sea of human kind.

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God did it.



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God did the life for a particular reason did he?

TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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I could imagine so. Isn't that enough to qualify as reason?

If nothing else life for the sake of life is even good enough for me. Of course, I do more than live... Life is pretty complicated, eh?

AlofRI(3155) Clarified
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God only does virgin births. Tapping a used one would be kind of unholy, according to many Christians. I've found few (no) virgins with kids, and most of the non-virgins were little devils! (Most of the kids too)!But then, God created the devil, hmmm, very confusing, wish I could continue my research, but, alas, I have been "alive" too long. ;-(

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I am alive to slay Conservatives with various sharp weapons.

dingdong(39) Disputed
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No violence allowed in my debates. This is a peaceful zone thank you.

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That is not violence that is what liberals do they tear apart this country. Now this person is the best of the best when it comes to showing what liberals really plan on doing.