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 What is the worst movie ever? (5)

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What is the worst movie ever?

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Since I am not a encyclopedia on movies, the first that comes to mind is Transformers 2: the revenge of the fallen.

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nims island or charlie and the chocolate factory. the first of my choices was just a straight up bad movie and the 2nd was also very stupid like really i think i got a cavity just from watching it

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"Harum Scarem" starring Elvis Presley. It is awful and it has no plot and seeing Elvis as a sheik is ridiculous.

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Frankly I think it's Robocop, the plot's highly predictable, special effects are below average and the whole indestructible protagonist thing, you gotta be kidding me.

I want my money back for watching that, and I didn't even pay to see it, I just want those producers to admit it's crap

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TERMINATOR(6778) Disputed
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Poor special effects? The movie is over twenty years old. You can't expect Avatar-type graphics!

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