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 What is wrong with America's education system? (5)

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What is wrong with America's education system?

If you were to look on Google for America, and look up "School makes me..." or something along those lines, you will see very negative things. If students think that way because of school, then there must be something very wrong with the education system. 

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Noting I wint Throw the American Edmacation system and I turd owt OK.

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Yup, what y'all said fer me to, onacounta I'z smart lik Yu.

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Look up "work makes me..." and see how good you have it ;)

Fortunately, you live in a country in which teenagers have the liberty to take their education for granted. Teens can whine all they want about having to go to school but in the end they are only screwing themselves over. The educational system allows you to succeed. You just have to belt up and go through it.

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Yes, but sir, with work, you are paid. With school we work but don't get paid. I'm not saying that its hard or anything, or that children have it worse than adults or that working is easier than school, I'm just saying is there a way to improve our education system where the children are more comfortable. Also, I am not saying that the education system is not needed, I know the benefits of it, wouldn't want the middle ages to happen again, do we? I as a student, don't really find it that hard to go to school, but that's probably because the teachers here at the town I live in, are amazing.

It is easier to tell you what is right with it then all those things that are wrong with it. The only thing right about the educational system is the idea of it, everything else is wrong.