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 What is wrong with humanity!!! (6)

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What is wrong with humanity!!!

So many bad things have happened in the past. People leving people to die in a  subway and people running into schools shooting a bunch of kids and people and there has been more as well and not in the last year 20 years ago the same thing happened to a school in scottland so I ask you WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANITY!!!!

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The only reason people are just is because they can't be unjust successfully (Plato's Republic, Glaucon). Humanity itself has always been fundamentally evil; it is the foundation for Christianity and the reason as to why Christ came to save us. Our hearts are full of murder, strife, wickedness, and hatred; yet, God being patient and loving decided to withhold His own feelings towards us so that we may share in His love and mercy! Praise be to God!

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Pity your whole argument is bust seeing as there is no God...

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When I found out about the killing in Conneticut, I thought what a Jack Ass the guy who killed the children. So humanity is WRONG!... At the moment. :D

What is wrong with humanity? Keynesians, thats what wrong.

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The problem with humanity is the lack of humanity ;)