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 What is your favorite Instrument? (6)

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What is your favorite Instrument?

What is your favorite instrument? It can be one you play, like to listen to, or is just epic! It's hard for me to decide since I play 6 of them: Highland Bagpipe, Shuttle Pipes, Ukulele, Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, and Bóhdran. My goal in life is to learn as many as possible. So, what is your favorite? I like ones I've never heard of before. 

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Piano. Sorry, I dont know how to do the argument like Srom and the other guy does..

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Even though I don't know how to play it much... I love the piano. It just sounds so smooth and beautiful.

I like to listen to the harp because it completely puts me into a tranquil mood.

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Hello everyone. My favorite instrument is the piano. Since I started taking piano lessons, I am now looking for where to buy a piano. Does anyone know a good store where you can buy a piano? If yes, tell me about it!