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 What is your favorite beer? (11)

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What is your favorite beer?

Beer is good for you.
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Sam Adams White Ale, Spring seasonal brew... delicious.

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Mmm...I love Sam Adams Spring Brew!

The kind that has alcohol!

Augustiner is my favorite beer.

As with many things, a beer is even better, if enjoyed in the right surrounding, like a beer garden or an old brewery.

Supporting Evidence: me, enjoying an Augustiner beer (
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My favorite beer is a local brew: Kiltlifter.

It comes from Four Peaks Brewery in Arizona, my favorite local brew-pub, and a tall glass of Kiltlifter can definitely help ease into the weekend.

As far as mass-market beer, I'd have to side with those who choose Guinness. Guinness for Strength!

Supporting Evidence: Four Peaks Brewery (
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GUINESS! There is no other!

Well yes there are:



XX Ambar

Hmmm... first it's got to be FREE BEER... then it's got to be Budweiser.

BagelMan(16) Disputed
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then it's got to be Budweiser.

Even though this user no longer uses the website I feel it is of paramount importance to address this. Budweiser is genuinely, objectively not a good beer and disagreement is a matter of being too used to it and cheap things in general resulting in an unrefined palate. I seriously recommend anyone who honestly prefers budweiser to try other, actual good beers and maybe stop being such a poor loser if actual good beer is too expensive for you.

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San Miguel beer. The best beer in the world!

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What is your favorite beer?

There are four beers which are contenders:

4: Sapporo

Sapporo is a beer from Japan. Literally the least unpleasant beer I have ever had. It almost lacks flavor completely (yet it isn't watery) which is why it is only in fourth. It has 0 harshness though, the harshness is worth it to an extent if there is complexity and flavor but if you are a layman light beer fan you should appreciate sapporo.

3: Stella Artois

It has a crispness and evenness to it's bitterness which isn't overpowering and it doesn't have the skunkwater attribute despite coming in a green bottle.

2: Boston Lager

You aren't American, and are in fact a commie if you disagree.

1: Guinness

Guinness is one of the most nutrient dense beers and you are a pussy with no palate if you can't get past the slight harshness and enjoy the more complex flavor profile.

Here's something extra. You know how heineken has a watery, skunky aftertaste? Well the beer Becks (also in green bottle) is like an inverted heineken. The initial taste is kind of watery and skunky but the aftertaste is incredibly bitter in a sharp way.

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What is your favorite beer?


Dos XX. No hey otra.


BagelMan(16) Clarified
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Dos XX

Dos Equis (pronounced almost like "dose eckways") may be inconsistent in it's quality and this could be once again due to the green bottle. I got it once and it was very nice but then I had it more recently and I was like "this is shit, who drinks this fucking garbage?".

Corona, which is very similar is consistent despite having a clear bottle and I think this is because it is a very light beer which isn't affected by sunlight in the way a heavier, more complex lager like heineken may be. That punches a hole in the theory and maybe I was just too unrefined to notice how shitty Dos Equis is at the time.

I recommend trying Sapporo. After that move up to darker and darker beers. A true connoisseur's journey is like the journey ahogill/Antrim's wife took when she started cheating on him. She started with the white beers but the beers she took eventually became longer and blacker with a higher abv sometimes too, which started a lifelong hatred of bongos when she was finally caught.

excon(18034) Clarified
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this is shit, who drinks this fucking garbage?

Hello Bagel:

One likes tomaaayto, and another likes tomahto. But, I'm just as happy drinking a Negra Modelo, or a Corona amber. Long as it's Mexican.. Mi gusto MUCHO cerveza de Mexico.