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 What is your favorite language? (18)

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What is your favorite language?

My favorite language is Hindi because it comes from the same place as sitar music.

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Swenglish, obviously.

Nice choice. .

Jungelson(3959) Disputed
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What the even fuck and? Jesus christ i was a child....

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ProLogos(2793) Clarified
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Because you have a small penis... ;)

ProLogos(2793) Clarified
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That's not clever.

A beautiful language. :)

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Uhhhh.... the one I speak daily.

Nice choice. English is a beautiful language. .

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No English is the beautiful language. Because we can speak to people in other countries by English

Which dialect? I love how British people talk. .

Kalamazoo(333) Disputed
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English is the most versatile and wonderful language in the world. Literary geniuses such as Shakespeare and Hemingway couldn't have written their masterpieces had they not been so accomplished in their native tongue, or in the case of Hemingway, his 'de facto' language. It is not by chance that English is the accepted language for international communications including airlines and business negotiations.

GenericName(3430) Clarified
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Why do you think it is either the most versatile, or wonderful language? Do you discount the works of other literary geniuses that did not write in English (of which there are countless)?

As for why it is the accepted language for international communications, don't you think that has a lot to do with the international power that Britain held for a long period of time, which was then further reinforced by the international power the U.S. has held?

Spanish. It is sexy and a love how its rude words sound ;)

I agree. Spanish is the language of the Tango. Very romantic. :)

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English. Why? Because I was raised with it so my bias is heavily in favor of it. If you want a language other than English then maybe Japanese.

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Language is an art. And with most forms of 'true' art, the more you know it, the more you fall in love with it.

For me, it's English. But if I have to choose anything else, I'd say Sanskrit. It sounds very sophisticated.

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Gernicname. Thanks for your interest in my post. Whist the continuing irrationality of your fascination with my comments and answers are somewhat disconcerting I am, at the same time extremely flattered by the attention you religiously pay to my activity on this site. Your reply was up to it's usual standards and didn't add anything whatsoever to the debate. What I want to know is;- were you abused as a child? Did you contract one of the more severe, brain damaging social diseases as a result of the nightly visits to your bed by your father's paedophile friends? Was your sense of resentment exacerbated by the grunts and groans from your mother's adjacent bedroom as she entertained her clients. Is your advanced psychosis and state of deep bitterness a consequence of these horrible childhood experiences? Of course I'm not saying that any of these events occurred. I'm simply asking the questions as your abnormal conduct on this site has all the hallmarks of someone who had indeed suffered such childhood trauma. If the aforementioned events were in fact true, they would explain your madness and give reason to pardon your behaviour on compassionate grounds. Good luck and I hope your nurse has you on the appropriate medication.

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1. Why is it irrational to be interested in one of your posts?

2. How does viewing the waterfall translate to paying "religious" attention to your posts?

3. My reply was a question, because you didn't answer my previous questions. Questions are not mean to add something, they are meant to improve understanding.

4. Do you have something against people trying to understand your opinions?

5. What do you hope to accomplish with such droll comments?