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What is your favorite pet

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Dogs are the natural moral superiors of human beings. I have met very few dogs, and no people who do not demonstrate the truth of this.

Dogs love unconditionally, forgive unreservedly, and grant loyalty permanently.

I don't trust people who don't like dogs (distinct from people who are afraid of dogs).

I sure as hell don't trust people my dogs don't like.

Any religion that includes the belief that dogs are unclean or evil is obviously and demonstrably a lying cult designed to weaken humanity and bring immorality and unkindness to reign over the earth.

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I agree totally. Everyone who is a douche bag my dog hates, my dog is friendly specifically to people who aren't douchebags, he can sense it somehow. He just knows when someone is a total piece of crap. I can sense it too, I guess I have dog sense, I just know right away when someone is an imbecile or a douche bag. That's why I make enemies so quickly on CD. My dog would bite the fuck out of almost everyone here.

marcusmoon(576) Clarified
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I was at small party at the house of a dog owner when a guy I didn't know showed up with his girlfriend.

The dog growled and barked at the chick.

The host's response was, "My dog says she has to leave."

The boyfriend asked the host to put his dog away.

The host said, "My dog lives here, but she does not. She has to leave."

The boyfriend tried again. "Please let her stay. She is okay."

The answer was, "I trust his judgment more than yours because she doesn't suck the dog's dick. She has to leave."

They left.

God damned right.

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This is an absolutely excellent argument of which had never previously occurred to me. I came across this here on CD when you first posted it, and I think it planted a seed in my mind--of which I am now fully persuaded. My dog Callie (a female Yellow Lab) would be one of the most (if not, the most) morally upright humans I have ever met. She is extremely loyal, brave, strong, deeply cares about my well being, unconditionally loves, stands up for herself/family/others she deems good/ect., judges people/dogs/others/ect. based on deeper qualities (i.e. is not superficial), ect. ect.

Thank you for this well though out post.

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I think a doggie is the best pet to have because they are lovable and are loyal and just nice to look at the expression of love on their faces along with their tails wagging.

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I can say that CBD for dogs and hemp products are safe for pets. They may be especially effective in reducing pain. Veterinarians have noticed that CBD helps dogs with chronic arthritis pain, such as walking more comfortably. Current research suggests that CBD may also help make seizures less intense and less frequent.

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Remember, if you want to have a dog, it is a big responsibility and requires careful care.

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You are absolutely right. I have a dog and I love her very much. I take my dog to the groomer very often. I have found a lot of dog groomers Calgary , but only a few people are truly professionals in their field. Grooming is not only model haircuts for dogs of decorative breeds (lapdogs, terriers, Shih Tzu, etc.), to put it simply, grooming is not only “hairstyles”, but also hygienic care for your pet.