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What is your motto?

Descriptions in the question :P

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Don't accept gifts from strangers, unless they're old, bearded, fat, lonely, and surrounded by children.

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"old, bearded, fat, lonely, and surrounded by children."

Father Christmas, or Hitler's view on Jews?

Both .

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Laugh, fuck, and be merry.

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My motto is treat others how you want to be treated.

Even tho a lot of people treat me with disrespect.

Sometimes disrespect isn't a bad thing. I don't know the TRUTH but if people are telling me the truth, regardless of how it hurts, i respect that.

lol however, if i wanted to be told the truth, i wanted to be told in a "sandwhich format" such as

Tell me a good thing about myself --top bread

Tell me the truth -------------------The Meat

Tell me another good thing ---------Bottom Bread

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My motto: How bad can it get really ? .

It will all be over soon ;)

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My motto is 'everything will be all right in the end if it's not all right then it's not over'

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. .. .

Reese Bobby's Motto

youve gotta laugh or youll cry


if you dont give me somthing stupid to do, ill find somthing stupid myself

Always learn how to spell "description." ;)

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Rofl didn't spot that :P will change it XD......................

lol ^_^

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I'm always right, apart from when I'm wrong.

Stay Strong.

Live Happy. Die Happy.

Stand up for the weak.

Help Others in Need.

Violence is a last resort.

Fight to defend.

Live life to the fullest. ^_^

"Life's guillotine....Don't cut me off!" This is an original motto that I created.