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LOL. I'm agin' it! Seting aside the fact that I disagree with this gent (seems I don't have any sense), His reasoning is flawed. The gay men and lesbians in his hypothetical death camp could still reproduce if they wanted to. I can't believe I'm dignifying this video with a response, but it gave me a good gut laugh.

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"Put all the lesbians in one camp. Put the queers and gays in another." Dude has no idea what a queer is.

"They can't reproduce. They'll all die out." Because all queers are born of queers. Because that is how biology.

"If a man had a baby that would be a first." That ship. It already sailed. Twice. [1] [2]

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Also! Also. Queer camp. 24/7/365 pride? Um... yes? Please sign me up. ;)

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