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 What kind of ignorant insecure person does it take to ridicule people for their faith? (12)

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What kind of ignorant insecure person does it take to ridicule people for their faith?

Can you imagine a person insulting others merely for their faith in God? I thought the Left was supposed to be tolerant and open minded towards diversity of thought.

Have you ever seen such vile bigoted disdain from so many on this site against Christians? I put the worst offenders on my auto ban list because there is absolutely no possible way to have an intelligent debate with bigots.

Can you even imagine a person being such an insecure judgemental fool, that he must constantly tear down others for simply having different beliefs? Ask yourself why they would do such a thing.

It's quite simple when you look at the facts. First of all you might have noticed these insecure people take little notice of Muslims and their Islamic religion(even though the radical islamics KILL innocent people! Now you might understand a hatred for such an evil radical offshoot of Islam, but we hear little from the Left when it comes to this religion.

Now America is a majority Christian nation whose heritage stemmed from Christianity and whose laws and values represented the values of the majority faith.
The closed minded intolerant people on this site who constantly rail against Christians, hate the values once lifted up in our traditional America. These insecure bigots want to live their promiscuous sexual revoltution without ever feeling shamed with such notions of moral values, accountability, responsibility. They want to live their no fault anything goes lifestyles without their consciences being bothered by any so called old fashioned views of moral responsibility. The bigots want to be able to kill their offspring without any pesky pro life people speaking out on behalf of those innocent lives.

This is why they constantly insult Christians, judge them, ridicule them, call their faith a fantasy, a fairy tale, a myth, etc. etc.
Chritians do not want to make moral laws, we simply want our culture to shame distructive lifestyles that destroy our children's futures. Lifestlyes where our homes are borken, where there are no fathers raising the children, etc.

We want our national media to shame the promiscuous one night hook ups, the promiscuous sex creating so many unwed mothers on welfare, the abandonment of our children, etc. in the same way they shame things such as cruelty to animals, smoking, etc.

The bottom line is that insecure people hate having anyone shining light on the results of their self love lifestyles. Hence, they hate Christians merely for speaking to responsibility and caring for the least among us, OUR CHILDREN who deserve a father....not a case worker!
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When some people are so deluded or indoctrinated by their respective faiths that they actually believe in absurd, silly shit like the Earth is only 6,000 years old, or that Jewish carpenters rise from the dead after three days and invite doubters to stick their fingers in his side, or that some Hebrew sky god can stop the Sun from moving in the sky (?!) to allow his people more time for slaughter....well, they DESERVE to be ridiculed.

Especially when they try and place their crazy fables on the same level as my sciences. Or even in the same ballpark. Or the same freaking Universe. long as they just keep their superstition where it belongs, among the other mythos and fables and theological literature--and NOT in the real world science and facts--I got no problem. It's when they say stupid shit like our kids need to be exposed to the Genesis fable in school that I get the red ass.


I view religion as a philosophy in life that is fair game for criticism just like liberalism, socialism, communism et. al. Just because you add a prophet and a deity doesn't make it off limits.

"What kind of ignorant insecure person does it take to ridicule people for their faith?"

The person who made the original debate, for one. He does it all the time.

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Kind of thought the same thing. Probably the same person that ridicules a person for their lack of faith.

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Why is it that this cocksucker doesn't get the message that hate against Christians isn't special? He hates 100 different things on this website and doesn't understand that hatred isn't specialized. The funniest part is that FromWithin is one of the bigoted anti Christians on the website. He only thinks his particular sect is Christian. He has attacked Christians for not being Christian enough. And, not even just the Christians who are pro abortion. How can he be so blind to being part of the problem and not part of the solution?

P.S. 90% of what he says is bigoted isn't bigoted at all.

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Religious people do this. They are constantly doing it to each other and ridiculing each other's religions, when in reality, they are no different from each other.

Christianity in the old Testament is no different from Islam.

The Jewish religion is just as violent as Islam in the Torah.

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I'd say what goes around comes around. Oh, but looking around now, it seems you already know that

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If a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or Snake Charmer came on this site and told us we're all going to be tortured for eternity unless we believe and do what they say we should believe and do I would respond to them with the same emphatic no I keep saying to you. If you don't want to read it then stop posting Christian propaganda. And if you don't like the laws then go ahead and try to change them but don't be surprised when people who don't share your view lobby for different laws than you do.

What kind of insecure person bans anyone and everyone who disagrees with them?

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It is true that everyone is entitled to their point of view I believe however that most people would agree that ridiculing, demeaning opponent is an appropriate in a debate. When one enters into a debate it is usually based on the assumption that you are having two intelligent individuals expressing themselves. If we simply focus on winning by any means necessary then we miss the issue, the point of debating. Which is to intellectually look at the arguments being made and determine their value as it pertains to the subject matter.

People today are more educated than they have ever been in life surely we can find a more appropriate way to express ourselves rather than resorting to the kinds of street slang vernacular.

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It doesn't take a certain mental state. It's just a trend.

People follow trends...plain and simple.

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Several people on here use other peoples beliefs against them every day. I'll agree that that standard practice SHOULD NOT be used in a political race, but, it has been used on BOTH sides in about every election. "There will be no religious test...." If Bernie was a Hindu it should make no difference!

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Democrats will not ridicule Muslims for their faith but Democrats have a real problem with Christians. I have not seen one Christian faith commit the atrocities the Muslims have in the last 8 years.

AlofRI(2843) Clarified
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I'm a Democrat (used to be Independent 'til Saint Reagans second term.). I have NO problem with Christians, and I don't know a Democrat that does! I have no problem with ANYONE'S religion. I have a problem with "radicals" in ANY religion! Christians have had radicals commit atrocities, some recently, but NO, I haven't seen a Democrat ... ANY Democrat.... that condoned the acts of Muslim radicals! "8 years"?? That's cleverly (but obvious), anti-Obama. I would say Democrats have been HEAVILY against Muslim radicals since the FIRST time they tried to blow up the WTC! Remember Kosovo? The air strikes that Clinton launched against the terrorists? Nice try, Obama and Democrats have been VERY tough on radical Muslims whether you want to admit it or NOT!