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 What music style suits you the best? (21)

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What music style suits you the best?

Write as many music genres you desire and how mutch you like them. Others can compare theirs with your's and so on. Nothing complicating. - My favourite music genres would be: rock, pop, folk, country and mostly the subgenres of heavy metal.

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I like a lot I suppose I'll put them in the order I love most:

Alrenative rock

Indie rock


Calm music (Not really sure if that's the genre name but there you go :/)


Dubstep (some)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head I don't really like charts or hip hop so yeah there you go!

Could the calm music genre be called "Ambient"? - And did you notice that if you compliment someone's music taste, they will be tankful? It seems to me that way, but still depends on hi's/her's personality.

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Yeah it might be called ambient. Yeah I have noticed that people thank others when their music taste is complimented. Heck I sometimes do it myself :P but yeah it does depend on the person.

Metal(All Kinds)-10




Country western-2

1-10. 10 being the best

Speaking about metal. Are you one of those who go against metalcore, deathcore or any core? There are many argues about that, so I would like to know your perspective. - And one strange situation which currently happens to me. Did you ever listen to slam metal, and then Kiss the next day?

Speaking about metal. Are you one of those who go against metalcore, deathcore or any core?

Nope. I love that stuff as well.

Did you ever listen to slam metal, and then Kiss the next day?

Not that exact situation. I've listened to cannibal corpse one day and then lady gaga the next. I don't like kiss x(

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I listen to a lot of jam bands, like John Butler Trio and Dispatch.

John Butler Trio

Liked that song from John Butler Trio. It doesn't sound familiar to me at all. And Dispatch has a brilliants sound, thou I only listened to their song Elias. These small drums sound great. - Really unexpected to hear something amazing like these bands. Thanks a lot this time.

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I like this one by Dispatch.

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Not sure what I like more, depends on my mood I guess.

Electro Swing, French and Progressive House, DnB, liquid DnB, Dubstep, psytrance, Goa, Hardstyle and everything in between...

Progressive Rock and Metal, Psychedelic/Symphonic/Alternative Rock, Reggae, Dub...

Impressionistic (huuuge fan of Debussy, that's why I use a picture of him as my avatar), Romantic and Modern classical music, primarily Piano pieces. Not a fan of Opera.

This will come of as pretentious but silence might be my favorites kind of 'music'.

You really seem to like electronic style music. Never got a chance to get into it. I only would enjoy techno ir German languages. Could you please give me some of your favorites? - My would be Blutengel or Nachtmahr.

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Fuck the haters.

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You like rap, fair enough. Fuck haters? Fair enough as well. You'll be the one fucking with me in this case rapper. - Have respect for other tastes, don't be ignorant. Act a bit formally.

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The greatest song ever is by the greatest band ever.


Music Sucks by Anal Cunt

Great band's name I would say. Never got to listen to them. I'm usually stuck on Gorevent, Traumatomy, Cephalotripsy and Extremelly Rotten.

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they're pretty easy to listen to. Most of their songs are less than a minute.

I recommend just listening to first stuff on youtube. It all pretty much sounds the same, but it's all awesome.

Trance music gets me into a dream like state. The music is beautiful.

Currently, Trance music serves me the best because it transports me into my own little corner of the world.

Especially Punk Rock, Nu Metal and Hard Rock. But there are also bands and singers in other genres that I like.