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 What must I do to feel welcomed here? (66)

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What must I do to feel welcomed here?

I feel like I am unwelcomed because of the people who are saying negative things about me. If you say in this debate to change my beliefs that's not going to happen.


If anything! Please tell me and I could change!

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Well if it's your belief that you are unwelcome here, but to alleviate this feeling we can't change your beliefs, I don't know what you expect us to do.

If you're really looking for a metaphorical pat on the head, perhaps you should go back to your spotlight debate and read the multitude of posts from people saying they enjoy your presence here, for one reason or another, and just ignore the people (like me) who are criticizing you.

However, if you are as unreceptive and opposed to criticism as you have repeatedly shown yourself to be, perhaps a debate site isn't the best way for you to spend your time, after all.

Vermink(1943) Disputed
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->Well if it's your belief that you are unwelcome here

Wouldn't that mean that all christians on here are unwelcome?

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Um.. no? Perhaps you should read my post in its entirety, and not just that small portion.

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Honestly Srom, you don't take advice, as Chad said, so this is useless. You don't seem to have any logical thought in your mind, and it has NOTHING to do with your choice of religion, and it's more irritating that you blame people's opinion of you on your beliefs.

I could care less what your religion is, but I'd appreciate it if you were more logical. For example, realize what arguments are useful or useless against your opponent in a debate.

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Well I am going to start taking advice I am not going to ignore people anymore and I am going to start listening to the suggestion people make to me.

I will start using useful arguements against my oppenent. And I will try not to bring religion up when it doesn't talk about religion.

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That's a good start, and if you do argue in a religious debate find NEW things to debate with since the old ones don't work. For example, you know using the bible in an argument won't get you far since the majority of people don't find the bible a reliable source. If you're trying to convince them that you're side of the debate is right, then don't use something other discredit.

And another thing, find a debate topic that interests you, not religion for the first one, and research it a LOT. Not just your side of the argument, both sides, then make a debate about it.

You are welcomed, but some people are intolerant egoistical morons.

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I resent the use of ego as a derogatory term ;)

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Egoistical should have been impervious or imperious. I will argue to reason but name calling is unnecessary

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You need to stop being so dramatic.

No one here hates you or thinks you will suffer in hell for a simple belief. No one wants you dead or thinks you are worthless.

All we want it a fun debate, and perhaps a bit of rage, but only for fun.

Taking this stuff too seriously is bad, I think.

You should NEVER change your beliefs to fit in, but you SHOULD change your beliefs if you are searching for truth.

What I believed ten years ago is MUCH different from what I believe now.

If you do not change your beliefs simply from learning, then you are being willfully ignorant.

You have seen a lot of posts on here why your god isn't real, and why it is real.

You need to look at this and think about whether or not you are supporting the truth, or if you are only supporting what you think is true.

There is only one truth in this world, for the issues you have trouble about don't go both ways.

Why do you think a person becomes atheist?

In the search for truth, you can't become mad at people who have different opinions. Instead, you must simply prove them wrong and prove yourself right.

As long as they do not beat your arguments, you are correct.

However, it is the opposite. You have been shown many times to be incorrect, but instead of learning, you take it personally and think they are attacking you, when you are SO much more than your religion or beliefs.

What would the world be like if there was no god?

What would happen if you were wrong? What in your life would change?

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Welcomed? Boy, you expect too much, this stuff is anonymous people don't care about you or anyone else for that matter.

In my opinion everyone is welcome, and I mean everyone even pedophiles and racists etc, the more opinions we have stirs the pot and that can only be a good thing.

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people don't care about you or anyone else for that matter.

Not true ;)

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If you are unwilling to change your beliefs, you are intellectually dishonest with yourself, and there is quite literally no point in debating. I like to debate because it refines my opinions on things by forcing me to constantly modify my beliefs to suit facts. You seem to just want to tell people what you believe and expect them to accept it simply because you said it.

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Become an atheist. .

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I don't want to convert to atheism. I am going to be a Christian for the rest of my life. Wait! Are you an atheist now? Don't tell me you are.

Haha no i was being sarcastic. .

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But sadly he has been brainwashed too much to do that.


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Dude, Srom. I'm your ally. I asked you for help in a debate yesterday. If that don't make you feel welcome, then I don't know what will. So don't be so depressed buddy.

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I know your my ally its other people who don't like me. I trust you and all of my friends here its just the other people.

Thanks I will try not to be depressed. Also the debate you just mentioned for you to help I can't because I don't know very much about that topic and I haven't studied it much.

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Ah, I see. The evolution vs. Creationism debate is extremely complex. I suppose I would start with this:

That should help some.

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Obviously you and I hardly agree on any subject, but I don't understand all the harassment you get.

My only advice is to try and be more welcoming or open to new ideas or accepting you're wrong. If you are this way, then try to express it more in how you get your message across. This will encourage a healthy debate. :)

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Stop making debates about yourself you don't see anyone else doing it.

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Agree with everybody??

Idk start a debate and invite all your allies??

stay away from religion and politics and controversal subjects?

make jokes? I like satire

I'm not helping am I?

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Be more open minded.

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That is asking quite a bit.

You are the type who did not came to debate or argue, you are here to support your beliefs.