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What new features do you want on CreateDebate?

We are working on our list of new features and want to knwo what YOU the users want is to add to the site.

Please go to the community and post each idea as a debate HERE:

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6 points

Underline Function

Insert Image

Delete Argument

Do this and I wont need the sun anymore

Centifolia(1318) Clarified
4 points

We also need an


Remove Ally/Friend/Enemy

Disable/Hide Messages

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
1 point

We can sort of remove a relationship with some b changing it. If they're your ally they can be changed to enemy.

Prodigenious(38) Clarified
1 point

Removing allies and enemies is already possible you moron.

Insert image is already featured though it must have URL.------

Underline Function is a great idea, delete argument would only be members deleting their own arguments.

1 point

delete argument would only be members deleting their own arguments.

And maybe the debate moderator.

6 points

The ability to make polls without leaving an argument

5 points

When someone downvotes you or upvotes you, some prompting should come up in the corner to tell you who did it and you could probably prompt the voter with a little box asking why. This could point out fallacies or great points in someones argument and also reduce hateful downvoters and biased upvoters. If we also know why we have been downvoted (on this site it is for the sake of disagreement and the person doesn't always have a legitimate reason they just want there team to win) we will become better debaters

5 points


I'd like a better way to quote people. I debate by breaking down the post I am replying to bit by bit and use the "bold" function to show the difference between the quote and my own response. I'd like a better system, perhaps an actual quote box (which can be used multiple times in one post). But sometimes it's really inconvenient because I then have an even more limited method of defining what I want to stand out in my post. I either must resort to "CAPS" or italics, and depending on the context of the debate, it doesn't work very well.

I am a bit familiar with this function on sites like the myspace forums (when they were good) and proboards. They use UBBC/BBCode to make quote boxes and font decorations (bold, italic, underline, etc).

Add a way to ban certain users from ALL of my debates, so I don't have to do it for each debate. This would make it easier to handle trolls, because everyone can just permanently ban the trolls from all their debates.

2 points

Excellent idea. I've always loved that the debate creator is the debate moderator....but.... this feature would be the troll killer.

4 points

More mods. Simple enough, right? They'll help keep this place under control (Read as: Oppressed)

Highlight arguments that have been added since the last time we visited a debate.

Add the ability to upvote/downvote a debate topic, and have a way to filter out ones that are below a certain threshold that can be defined by each user.

Add labels to debates indicating how serious they are. For example, abortion would be labeled a "Serious" debate. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood would be labeled "Not Serious". Then add a way to filter the debate list by those labels.

3 points

The ability to report posts/debates. Currently we can report a comment or report a user; but we can't report a debate.

A reference section on critical thinking and logical errors (I'd be happy to help write that myself).

Buttons for declaring "concede" and "fallacy".

Super-users with very limited administration rights (e.g. can delete a reported comment/debate; but cannot ban users and with no access to IP address information).

Someone else said that and I agree, the ability to make polls without any actual debate.

Guest debaters. We set the debate topic and invite guest debaters who are knowledgeable in the topic to debate the issue.

3 points

Hmmm, if you downvote someone, don't deduct a point from your own stache!

Be able to see who likes what you wrote and who doesn't, will spice things up a little!

1 point

I agree thats outragious seriously what if they said somthing really stupid

2 points

Ummmm.... I suggested you make this community like... forever ago Andy... just sayin'.

As for the rest of you... join the community and leave you suggestions there as separate debates.

2 points

Um, yes...I may actually have done it before...or maybe not...Hell I can't remember! And Yes, more media in arguments!

2 points

LOL! You made that Sandbox community that I think was you just testing something but I thought it was something like this but... wait? Media? Oh! It's on. ;)

addltd(5132) Clarified
2 points

Actually, I may have an additional resource coding for me so that may help get some of this completed!

2 points

Dude! We don't all talk 'Nerd'! ??? What? LOL

2 points

Andy, I think your site needs many of the same things that most other debate sites need.

I like lot of the others ideas but these are my top ten that no-one else has listed yet.

1. A truth detector

2. Better (more efficient ways) for dealing with trolls

3. A way to keep new members from re-hashing the same crap that has already been heavily debated before.

4. A means to discourage and deal with 'stalkers.'

5. A reference section

6. An Archives section

7. A way to deal with vote bombers and multi - account creators

8. A really cool "audio or video debate section using skype, You Tube or the like!"

9. Mods.

10. Maybe a JukeBox that could even be used to generate funds for the site.

addltd(5132) Clarified
2 points

Dear Chuz-Life, Thank you for the exceptional feedback... Here are some of the answers you seek:

1. We have an excellent truth detector available. The only problem was when you set it to BS mode it never stops going off. If you set it to truth mode it never alerts for anything. In fact, we initially thought the damn thing was broken, but just found out nobody tells the truth.

2. There is only one way to deal with a troll...waterboarding. The problem is nobody has perfected that over the internet. When they do I will be the first to use it.

3. We are thinking about implementing google search. Maybe we can create a mechanism that shows all of the debates already created with the keywords being typed into the debate title????

4. Stalkers are just active users.

5. A reference section? Do you mean directions and FAQs?

6. An archives section? Do you mean browsing the historical debate list?

7. Limits, limits and more limits...

8. Are you asking for a Live debating format?

9. I not a good enough mod?

10. I have no idea what you mean by this, but I love the funding part. Tell me more please!

5 points

Andy is a BOSS! lol

Chuz-Life(496) Clarified
1 point

Gotta love the sense of humor.

1. We need a way to break ties and credit someone who has made a point when a point has been made. The old "are too" and "am not" ad infinitum sniping at one another gets really old really fast.

2. I think you're doing great on the troll issues as of late.

3. Frankly, I would rather see someone necro an old debate rather than start a brand new one of the same subject and act as if the issue was never debated before by dragging the same tired old already refuted arguments out to be rehashed again and again.

4. Stalkers are just active users voting down comments to skew the numbers. They use multiple accounts so their own numbers don't suffer as a result.

5. Reference section: Links to the Constitution, Bill of rights, Dictionary links, etc.

6. We have a historical debate list? (I haven't stumbled across it yet if we do)

7. Not all limits are bad.

8. I was thinking uploaded video and audio responses but Live would be cool too for maybe a featured debate.

9. You could use some help (my opinion) to be more pro-active.

10. Maybe a way to buy or earn credits to play music in a cyber jukebox that streams audio while on the site. I dunno. I know any of us could just play our own music from our PC.s but a JukeBox would let us all play tunes for everyone else to hear. (I can see problems with copyrights maybe).... It was just a thought.

Edited to add one more: 11. Please make it an automatic function that anyone on my 'hostile' list is automatically banned from any new debates I create.

GuitaristDog(2547) Clarified
0 points

"2. There is only one way to deal with a troll...waterboarding. The problem is nobody has perfected that over the internet. When they do I will be the first to use it."

Well that's easy, just go to their profile page, place a towel over your computer the pour water on it.

Add a message forum for the chit-chat and drama.

When we get a new message from someone, don't put the inner monologue input textbox on that screen. I always end up posting messages as inner monologues when I think I'm replying to someones message because the input box is right above their message.

2 points

Take private debates off the home page.

2 points

Although I don't agree with the "Banning" feature I understand it isn't going away. But would you consider programming any of the following added features for it?...

a) A "counter" which shows how many times a member has hit the ban button, or even better how many times person A has banned person B, C, etc.

b) A "single rebuttal" feature, which allows the person just banned the ability to write a single response back to the fact they were just banned.

c) A "veto over-ride", meaning if enough other members in a debate hit a button to lift a ban then it gets suspended.

(s) I don't want a sarcasm function at all (/s)

Maybe operated like that, and it turns the letters red or brown or something out of the normal blue and black.

Quocalimar(6469) Clarified
4 points

I also participated on a debate where a person said they'd like the ability to upvote or downvote debates. like whole debates. I'd upvote this debate.

Mobile device support. It's annoying to always be on a desktop or laptop to be on here (you can't login on mobile, at least not on my phone).

Proper pools

Possibility to pre-ban trolls .

tagging creationists with "Warning Creatard" red and flashing please :P

1 point

debate creators being able to delete arguments from their debates.

1 point

Ban people who lie. .

1 point

When writing an argument on a debate you should be able to see the description as well as the title as I often forget what the description said and have to go back and check

1 point

I would like to see a feature added to discourage the point whores on the site.


It's another limit.

I'm sorry (Adam).

But how can anyone justify creating more than 50 debates in one week? Let alone manage them and actually participate in them in any meaningful way?

1 point

I think that if there is a sufficient demand for it then a certain user may be unbanned from a debate unconditionally

You really need to fix the character bomb. It has really distorted the debates it has been used in.

1 point

Add international date to birth date in proifile!

Not a feature per se, but we should probably take another look at how links are handled. Adding underlining created some issues and special characters cause problems at times too.

Maybe need to URLEncode links when saving...? (e.g. underscore becomes _) Ampersand can create issues in normal text, but most issues just arise from links.

Thanks again Andy for all the work!!!

Bump. Links are probably the bigger problem, but happens in the text, too.

& to & (currently a semi-colon is just inserted after the word that follows e.g. &page=1 becomes &page;=1 - which often breaks the link)

% to %25

underscore to %5F

close parens to %29

e.g. mode=DisplayStatute&URL;=0700-0799/0776/Sections/0776.013.html

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
0 points

Progressive you living in the past because the present is just to scary for you ?

A search for my or another user's waterfall

1 point

A way that I could put those who have multiple accounts under one category. I doubt that could be done but damn it's getting hard to keep track of who is who is who is who is who.

-4 points