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What new sitcoms would you like to see on TV?

new sitcoms

Something tasteless ;)

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Well, in my opinion we should forget Obama. The real money is in Sarah Palin. I'm thinking we call it "Mrs. Maverick USA" or maybe "Seeing Russia from Sarah's View". Sarah Palin is followed around Alaska by a camera crew. She is watched by the media constantly. Every decision she makes we scrutinize. Oh wait, we already did that!

Well, how about we create a beauty pageant! Sarah's the judge!

20 beautiful Eskimo women compete for the title of "Caribou Barbie"

Hey, either one works for me!!!!

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I likes it ;)

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I just want more Dunder Mifflin.

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Hey, I almost forgot to delete that debate. I just went over there to delete it and all of my debates are gone. So...., I guess we're good ;)

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How about, "Moving on up?"

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How about, "The fresh prince of DC?"

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Hey Joe,

Don't you mean the "Fresh Prince of DC"?

I mean, he's no Will Smith, but he can dance and I'm sure he can rap like nobody's business.


No, I am not racist, but I can't resist!!!!

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Yes, I meant the "Fresh Prince of DC."

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"Lets LOL at Racism"

a show all about racist jokes. hopefully, it'll offend everyone.


Did you ever see Archie Bunker?


I like 'The Big Bang Theory' so far.

I've only seen the first season, though. And I still don't know about any others.