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What qualities do you think women want in a man?


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It really depends on the woman. Each individual case is different based on what that woman has gone through in her life, how she was raised, what her personal beliefs are, her experiences (good and bad), etc.

If you are looking for generalizations, then I'd say the most common traits a woman is looking for in a man are:

1) confidence: even if the confidence is fake or misguided, women are naturally drawn and attracted to someone who exudes confidence. In the same token, they are not drawn to men who are indecisive, unsure of themselves, and always uncertain of everything.

2) intelligence: intelligence today is what braun/strength was in the cave days. If you have intelligence, you have strength and power.

3) humor: women are emotional creatures, therefore a stale male who has no emotional diversity (ie. no sense of humor) is a draw off for women. They are drawn to a man who is able to make them feel emotions, especially humor

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Depends on the woman but I think the majority of women are naturally drawn to men who are self assured which unfortunately can become their downfall when they're drawn to pompous self absorbed narcissists.

This is the fault of nature, because the primal part of their nature compels women to be attracted by traits that in more primitive times would provide them with a mate who would be strong and capable of defending her and her offspring but in modern times are traits most often found in asshats.

I tried to explain this to my daughter and told her that self confidence is great but a guy who's self confident without having any real reason to be is to be avoided like a plague.

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If it is all biological and Darwinian, why do you hate conservatives for their biological orientation?

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I'm pretty sure you don't even know what a conservative is. You apparently think you are one but a Putin fluffer can't call himself a conservative.

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The first time around (or when young) - funny, tall, handsome, financially secure.

The second time around (or when older) - sane, not a dick, not ugly, and able to take care of himself.

In their twilight years - someone who gets out of the house most of the day.

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Self confident

Big wanker

Well off

Rides motorcycle

Has tatoos

Rough in bed

Drags knuckles when he walks

Has muscle car

Has a house

Has a job

Thing still works

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Kindness, caring and loving, handsome, someone who would be a good father and loyalty.

Now, is that too much to ask from a multi-millionaire?

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Females are attracted to different types of men at different stages of their menstrual cycle. At their most fertile times, they are more attracted to alpha-type men with good genetics but the majority of the time they are more attracted to beta-provider type men with a good personality.

Universal trends of male attractiveness regardless of the timing include: status, dominance, muscularity and athleticism, physical attractiveness, confidence, resources (money), height, social ability and humor.

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