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What reasons do we have to stay in Iraq?

We originally went into Iraq because of WMDs. They didn't exist.

Then we decided it was to remove Hussein and set up a republic. That's been done.

What justifies our continued presence in Iraq? Oil? Stability? A counterbalance to Iran? A statement of our resolve?

Note: I'm asking why we're there, not whether we should withdraw/stay/etc.

Rationale for the Iraq War (

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Stability in both Iraq and the Middle East is a significant factor in why we're still staying in Iraq. It is feared that if the US pulls out prematurely, the new Iraqi government will eventually collapse and violence will escalate. The US presence in Iraq is also used to keep pressure on other Middle East countries to thwart terrorists.

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You said it in your debate description Kuul. Stability in the region is a must, oil is still a must, Iran is too close for comfort and more than a statement of's also because we hate to LOSE.

We must leave Iraq with a government that is stable lest it collapse and go back into another all out civil war, however, having said that, I do not quite understand why Iraq hasn't done its utmost to bring this about. Certainly there are enough American military and other advisor's to structure such a government but it's also very possible that a true Democracy still escapes them.

The hanging of Saddam Hussein is a travesty that should have never happened the way it did especially since the USA and Saddam had been closely tied for years. I forgive him nothing but believe he should have either spent the rest of his days in a prison far away from Iraq or been tried under International law and tribunal. We gained nothing by aiding the Iraqis in this murder.

We've been in Iraq long enough and it's time to set our sites to breaking the taliban, al Quaeda and flushing out Osama bin Laden if possible. These terrorists work not only in Afghanistan but around the world. I hear little about any other place but Afghanistan and Pakistan. Little by little and place by place we must do the very best we can to bring their working borders ever closer to center.

Side: All of the above
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Stability is basically the most common sense tag, so i'll go with that.

When you think about it, if you leave Iraq how it is now, that's basically like saying "Here Iran, more for your domination".

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hi im new here...i work in restaurants and let me tell you i hear plenty of arguments from both sides...but what i know being a military brat is that some things are not public knowledge...we won't find out half the reasons we're there in the first place for about 20 years when certain documents are unclassified....but i tend to base my opinions on the people who have seen it first hand and every soldier that i've spoken to in the last year or so has said the same thing....don't believe everything u hear on the news about's just not an accurate depiction....and every single one of them has said...we're there for many other reasons besides stabilization but "i can't go into that"....i'm afraid it's something we'll just have to wait and see about

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How about you stop the name calling! There is no one in this country, Democrat or Republican, who should not vote and does not deserve to vote if they are of age! Iran certainly doesn't need Iraq for a launching pad and al-Quaeda will NEVER conquer Iraq with so much US influence there not to mention the number of friendly nations Iran would have to contend with.

Side: All of the above