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 What religion will the antichrist be? (5)

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What religion will the antichrist be?

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He'll be a Muslim who is actually a Jew who is actually a Satanist

Presumably an atheist if his father's "greatest trick" was convincing the world he doesn't exist.

But at the same time, he would have to be religious because he would know it's all true.

Quite the paradox.

Wait, I've solved it. He would have to be a Jew impersonating an atheist.


Oh dear. With some trepidation I have just realised that Amarel may be the anti-Christ.

What religion will the antichrist be?

Owns everything. Worshipped by mindless masses. Kills anyone who opposes him? Must be a Communist.

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If I don't believe in a "god", I can't believe in an anti-Christ. Then again, I DO believe there was a Jesus Christ, or would Jesus of Nazareth be a better designation? Anyway I DON'T believe him as a "son of God".

So, I guess there could be someone totally against Jesus' "alleged" teachings, one of THOSE resides in the White House at the moment … and his daughter is married to a Jew … who's number is 666 … hmmm!?

Nah. But then …..??