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What's a Cooler Look? A Cane? Or a Cape?

I wanted to provide pictures but my new $1300 computer is a piece of shit!


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Actually I like both but at least I can use a cane as a weapon... what am I going to do with a cape? Smother a person? I doubt it.

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You might think this is kind of lame, but have you ever seen that movie The Incredibles? It has a scene where they explain why not to wear a cape. I only remember one example, which involved a superhero getting sucked into a jet engine lol.

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Realistically, if I saw someone walking with a cane I wouldn't look twice... but if I saw someone wearing a cape, I'd think they were retarded.

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Otter(15) Disputed
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Isn't the entire point of a cape/cane to get people to look at you? Unless you are talking about a bright yellow cape with MAKE ME A SAMMICH on it, I would have to say... go for a cape

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GuitarGuy(6096) Disputed
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My grandpa had a cane and it was not for attention. He also had a cape... and that was weird.

Okay, he didn't have a cape but lets be serious here... capes are kind of useless unless you're batman. The only time a cape could make you look better is if it is applied with an already stupid outfit, like Superman's underwear-on-the-outside costume. He didn't need the cape... He could already fly.

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Yeah, you could use it for self defense.. Unlike the cape, what would you do with that? Cover a persons face until they die?

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How else is one to make one's way through a crowd?

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How awesome would it be if you were walking around with a cape that has a hood? Walk around with the hood pulled down Ezio-style and then you have achieved your 'cool' look.

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How on earth can cane be winning? What's with you lot? Are you mad? Capes are loads better! (Cue the dramtic music) You can stand in a defiants pose, the wind in your face and your cape billowing out behind you...

I'd much prefer a dark, handsome man in a cape than some geezer with a cane! Capes make you look like a hero out of an old novel, but a cane just makes you look like a power-freak or a grandad!

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