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What's funner drawing or writing?

which one do you think is more creative


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I started this debate because i draw allot of pictures and my sister writs allot of fan fiction, we always argue about whats more creative. I think drawing because it requires allot of hard work to draw a good picture and when you're done it attracts more peoples attention also it will arouse peoples imaginations. Writing is just words, anyone can write them or type them on a computer, but it takes real talent to create a picture using just a pencil and you're mind. When you're reading a graphic novel or manga, drawing is the most important thing, the only thing that writing fills in is the word and thought bubbles.

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Graphic novels aren't everything. In fact it is an extremely small part of what we consider "literature".

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I think that drawing is better because the paperwork can be very boring. I hated writing college essays and other homework. But now any student can simply read the best reviews on top research paper writing services. This makes it possible not to waste time, but to relax with family or friends, go to the pool or just watch TV.

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i think both are equally funn but i'd rather write so that i can REALLY and bluntly get my point or emotion across. i have a crazy imagination for fiction, and i can't put everything i think in a picture alone. usually i'd write something and then draw something that went along with what i was just writing about, or draw what i saw writing.

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I couldn't disagree more Animerocks! Writing is not as simple as you portray it. If it were, no writer would face "writer's block" and it wouldn't takes years, at times, to bring a book to fruition and popularity. Drawing and writing are similar insofar as everyone has a different sense of what is funny. I've found books that I can read over and over again because the writer has such a way of creating and winding those snippets of humor within a story line. Drawing may simply be your way of finding humor in something that provides instant gratification and there's nothing wrong with that. You look, you laugh...end of story (no pun intended). Writing is much more complex unless you're doing a book on short skits or one-liners. I give kudos to both artists and writers, however, I tend to find lasting humor in the written word.

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I just think it's funny that you think funner is a word!!!! Nice job on that one buddy!

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