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What's more racist than saying voter IDs suppress minority voters

Libs tell us exactly how they feel about minorities

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Thanks for the video. This is just one of many examples of how the Left treats Black people like a bunch of ignorant ghetto bums and criminals.

They treat them like they are too stupid to get a job without Government help, too stupid to move up the ladder without Government help, too stupid to get I.D's, etc.

Democrat's want their base to stay blind and ignorant so they will blindly vote for a corrupt socialist Government telling them how to think and live.

Here are some groups who make up the majority of the Democrat Party's base....


Minorities living on welfare,

Women living on welfare,

Able bodied people without jobs,

Drug addicts,

Illegal immigrants,

LBGT activist groups,



Vote tomorrow in the mid term elections to start ridding our Government of these Racist Democrats who think so little of their voting base.

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Goblin(89) Disputed
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What is funny is that in the midterm ads I have seen, the Democrat nominee never states their party affiliation. The Republican almost always does.

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FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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They must be distancing themselves from what has become of the Democrat Party.

During the election, they will say everything they think the voters want to hear, and after getting elected they will vote the Party line no matter how extreme it has become.

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