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 What's the Best Way to Bring Down Gas Prices? (30)

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What's the Best Way to Bring Down Gas Prices?

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Use alternative fuel. ^_^

garry77777(1794) Disputed
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Unfortunately its not nearly as simple as that but i do agree that when it becomes feasible alternative fuels should be used.

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I know it's not simple. But it would help. If everyone participated it could get done but it won't.

Hellno(17758) Disputed
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I think America could just use humans as an alternative fuel... we should just invade every third world nation and start harvesting their people to fuel our cars... sounds like a good idea to me and I'm sure our evil government is already got that in the works.

Presidential elections because the gas goes down during that.

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Is to kill and nuke all the rest of the teriost in the world and kill their family too!!

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That seems a bit harsh! I like it .

Just invade another country, isnt that what america always does?

Hey why not try Venezuela, they been setting a really bad example lately what with them shaking off they're cia backed puppet government and installing a indigenous president who grew up in the kind of poverty that was created by the upper classes (with american backing).And then the people had the guile to over throw the government that was installed by the CIA after they iniated a coup in 2002 i.e.'état_attempt

Those pescy venenzualans not wanting to be a US colony and have all "THEIR" oil funnelled of the country and into the hands of the american aristocracy who fuck there own people by convincing them that questioning the government is unpatriotic. Ha.

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Agreeing with everything you said apart from a few modifications...

Venezuela and the U.S is to become British colonies, this'll cause petrol prices to fall in the U.S and Britain as inter-empire trading taxes will be zero.

Hellno(17758) Disputed
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Invade Venezuela... that's a good idea... I'll pass the suggestion on, maybe we can get that done.

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Bring back the empires! if such a thing happens then inter-empire trading will increase as there will be no tariffs, causing the price of fuel and other imported goods to go down.

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Short term there is little that can be done, but we need to continue to work on alternatives and drill more at home.

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I agree with all that... .