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What's the Point of Debating?

As a society, we debate all the time. But, what is the point of debating and why does it exist? After all, don't we just hide in our shell when someone attacks us? No one is open to debating these days, they just lash out when their position is argued against. We have to actually be willing to debate in order to properly debate. So, what is the point? Should we continue doing this futile activity that no one actually learns anything from? Why do we continue to do so? Do we just have fun yelling at each other with no hope of resolution? Thanks for your input!

(There is absolutely NO language (cursing) permitted in this debate. This is a strict policy and you will be banned from this debate if you do. We CAN debate without cursing each other out - Be kind people! Thanks!)
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Those that want to debate and see other sides, like it. Those that just want to stand on soapboxes will always do so no matter what others say regarding their stance.

The trick is knowing who is here to debate and who is here to preach. Personally I enjoy chatting with people and trying to understand a side that may be different from my own.

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Fantastic! So glad to hear that there is someone else who actually wants to learn! Thanks for your input, I definitely agree.

What's the Point of Debating?

In order to even ask that question you need to be aware of the theory of debate; particularly the concept known as the Hegelian dialectic. You cannot engage in a Hegelian dialectic if you are not prepared to admit if and when you are wrong. What you do is simply called arguing and/or being stubborn. It has nothing to do with debate, so it is not surprising that you do not understand the theoretical point of debate. What you are is an ego machine, and that enormous ego prevents you from having a reasonable discussion with anybody in which it becomes apparent that you are ignorant about something, because the moment that happens you go into blanket denial. This is a problem in many different places and among many different cultures, but it is a particularly grave problem in the United States, because that is the home of the relevant ideology. Capitalism surreptitiously teaches people to worship their own egos (and worship is surely the right word) by introducing them to a basic pain v pleasure relationship with the truth. The truth (i.e. people are not free to spend their time how they choose) is painful, and so to make that system palatable there is a reward to distract you from it (i.e. money). It is the literal equivalent of the relationship a scientist might have with a lab rat, where the rat is made to run around a wheel for eight hours to get a piece of cheese.

And many (most, perhaps) people never question it.

And why?

Because their egos won't let them.

Logica-Sana(87) Clarified
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While I totally agree with you on everything you just said, I think it is hypocritical coming from your mouth. I'm just saying that you preach about not having ego and listening to other people, but you do the EXACT same thing you don't want others to. The second ANYONE questions you, you throw curses and hateful speech at them. While I agree with the point your making, I think you should now apply it to yourself.

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For me, the main purpose of my debates, are an opportunity, to prove my own ideas, and receive ideas, from other people.

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Great plan! I would say my debates are geared the same way.

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Awesome. I will stop by, more often.....................................................................................................................

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To watch Nom avoid points (with severe emotional dramatic effect) that he cannot challenge with facts or reason.

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To watch Nom avoid points

Your idea of a "point" is lying about your race in order to provide cover for your Nazi rhetoric and/or blaming Obama for the child abuse going on under the Trump administration. You are a completely ridiculous and extremely intentional liar. How about you address that point?