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 What's the future of the Republican party? (19)

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What's the future of the Republican party?

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Yes, it does look that way to me too. The future of the Republican party lies in its members and its message to America. The failed and lame duck presidency of GWB and the fiasco surrounding John McCain - Sarah Palin must tell them something has got to change in that party. There will come a time for them to rule again, never doubt it, but if they dig in their heels and continue the old ways of doing things, it may be a while. All things are cyclical and what may have been an improvement 25 years ago may be looked upon as unnecessary today. All parties must keep it's finger on the pulse of the times and the American people's needs, lest they fall into disfavor with the masses. As of 2004 the republican share of voters was at 55 million while the Democrats weighed in at 72 million and the Independents at 42 million! People are disenchanted and disenfranchised by what the Republican party stands for at this juncture in our history.

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I'd like to think they'll learn from the last few years and take it upon themselves to remove hypocrites, bigots, criminals, adulterers, and fanatics from their party.

But I know better.

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They have adulterers there? My kind of folks...Give 'em my number, QUICK!

It's 1-800-IC-EUROS.

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Any relation to 1-800-IC-GYROS?

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... wait, judges ruling on that... Yeah, I think that was a joke. -applause- Up vote for you Kuk, welcome to the darkside.

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The social aspects of the political parties have changed many times due to events.

Economic policy will always remain the same. Lincoln favored big business so that is the basic guideline for the Republicans. They will always prefer a capitalist system. The social aspect changes of course, especially now that religion is a factor. Before, the unions preferred the Republicans because of their anti-immigration policy and support of high tariffs, now it's split among the labor class because issues of minimum wage and Affirmative Action take place.

Socially? I don't exactly know how they will change on it. a majority of the country is against Gay Marriage, and those who view abortion as murder don't tend to just say "eh, w/e". Republicans are pro-life as a basis, but most are actually pro-choice (at very limited extents).

nah, i don't think much will change. hell, the only things i think would change they actually agree with the democrats on (violent video games and metal).

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There will be very little actual change as far as policies. The leadership will be "cleansed" so to speak, resulting in more attractive, and less corrupt members, (any party, given as much power as the Republicans have the last 8 years, will overeach their bounds.) What will result is a more attractive party, less attached to the special interests that have been funding them, and more for the people. Next, if Obama wins we'll see 8 years of steady economic growth, and less of all this "fear" Republicans have been claiming is lurking in every shadow. As we get comfortable, all of the people excited about Obama now, will once again become too lazy to vote, and the "moral majority," (who I hate) will again be the vast majority of the voting population, leading to a resurgent Republican party.

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So it's looking like the Republicans are going to get clobbered in this election. I'm wondering -- are we seeing a permanent shift to the left in America? Will the Republicans adjust their message after this election? If so, in what way?

There seems to be a lot of unresolved tension between old school conservatives and neocons. I for one am hoping Republicans will focus more on spending and economic issues and less on stuff like opposing stem cell research and bashing gays.

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Buster(44) Disputed
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First off, if you are going by the polls to say "It's looking like the Republicans are going to get Clobbered in this election", you might want to re-think this. If you haven't notice, every recent election, the media has had the democrats ahead in the polling. If I can recall, John Kerry was ahead 4 or 5 points ahead of Bush just four days before election day. The media, may have Obama leading by a huge margin, but cannot give very accurate result, unless the media asks every single person, who plans to vote, who they are voting for. I have also heard an interesting theory. Since the majority of the media is pro-Obama, they have him way ahead in the polls to try to make many republicans think that it isn't worth even going to the voting booths.

What interesting could also happen is neither Obama or McCain make it to 270 and it is up to Congress to decide and each State gets one vote. In this case, McCain would win, but this is unlikely that neither one will not reach 270. You also have to consider, what a person might or might not do in the privacy of the voting booth.

To the question, "What's the future of the Republican Party", I would say look back in history. Ever sine the late 1800's both Democrats and Republicans have had their time in power. At one time the American public is upset with the Democrats and will vote Republican and at other times vice versa.

Eventually the Republicans will get back in the White House, if they lose this election, because eventually the Dems will do something to make the American people ticked off and that next election year the Republicans will get back the White House. As too what issues and messages the republicans will adjust and deliver after this election, it really depends on what happens during the next four years. If Obama gets elected, the Republicans will see how he does and try to exploit his failures and flaws during the next election. But during the four years the Republicans will try to do as much as they can to improve our economy and make the country secure.

I will agree with you on the stem-cell research, I hope eventually the hardcore republicans can eventually see the good in this type of research.

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If you want some accurate polls, go here:

It uses the median poll number and therefore gets rid of outliers that might be biased towards one candidate or another. Also, if you think that the only way you can have an accurate depiction of the election, then you don't understand statistics very well (or your in denial). Most news stations intentionally make elections seem closer then they actually are because it helps build suspense. The vast majority of the polls in 2004 did not have Kerry leading by as much as Obama is now.

Also, the chances of a tie are incredibly small. So don't hold your breath.

I agree though that at some point the Dems will probably do something to tick off voters. I hope by this time though the religious right loses its influence on the party.

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It is now 2015 and the GOP better had come up to the 21st century or else go the way of the dinosaurs.

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the future is not as good as you guys think it will be this year people are becomeing democarti because their scared that if people find out that their not voting for ohter party that their family and every thing they love is goning to get hurt here in airzona i had to stay inside why i so a guy get beat down because he said i not voting for the other party this man was only 16 he was my cousin i hope that the mcain does get electoid and dont say im a racist because you have no idea what color my skin is and i have no idea what your is and im 16 years of age so ha

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You know patriot, it's not always healthy to discuss politics or religion with those who oppose you. People do get a bit crazy at times...both young and old. Have faith that our new president will have what he needs to get us headed in the right direction. I'm sorry about your cousin and I don't think you are racist because of this. Just try and keep an open mind for, one day, you'll be voting right along with us.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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You're 16? I'm assuming by the way you type that's in chimpanzee years?

That made up story you just told, very touching. I'm not buying it though, so people are becoming Democrats because they're afraid of being beat up? That's your basic premise right? It's hard to decipher those hierogliphics you type in. I think more likely people are voting democratic because we just went through 8 years of the most unpopular president in history. That makes a little more sense don't you think there genius? I mean, I myself was independant until Bush's second term. I certainly didn't "get beat down because he said i not voting..." whatever the hell you were trying to say there.

The only thing worse for this country than Bush's policies, is that there are 16 year old kids who still don't know how to write. If you're the future of our country, I guess it really doesn't matter who we elect.

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