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What's the point of this Youtube video?

What the heck is this video trying to say/prove?

1) Is it right/wrong to ask people if they want to have sex with you?
2) Is it right/wrong to say "yes, I'd like to have sex with you"?
3) Is it right/wrong to say "No, thank you, I don't wish to have sex with you?" 

In the video, there are people acting completely normal and saying "yeah, sure.." or "no, thank you.."
But most of them reacted absurdly. I didn't watch the whole video, but at around 5:10, the man pretty much asks the woman what's wrong with her..
There was a similar video created earlier, where a man asked random people to have sex with him. And people's reactions were almost exactly the same. 

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The point of this video was to observe the reactions of people to the question. An interesting result being that two to one, the guys said no. This runs counter to ideas we are told by the media. The answers seemed to fall onto to three main groups. The guys who said yes, seemed impulsive, gullible and unable to asses situations objectively. Some guys who said no made an excuse, in order to seem polite, while the remaining guys who said no, seemed instantly able to discern the high possibility for treachery, deceit and danger.

Sorry, I have to say this, the guy at 0:50 is so hot.