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What’s worse?? A Trump conviction or a Trump acquittal??


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We MUST have a conviction! He has been privy to information only a President can see or hear. If he isn't imprisoned, regardless of the violence it would likely stir up, he will, as he did in the Oval Office, pass on secrets to his friends and benefactors! He is STILL a "Clear and Present Danger" to the United States .... and the world! He's a traitor and MUST be treated as one! He has his own plane capable of reaching his "friends" in Moscow, in Saudi-land, in Turkey, etc. He cares not ONE IOTA about this country ... if he can't have it and he IS VENGEFUL!

The gloves MUST come off with this guy! We're damned if we do, and likely destroyed if we don't!

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That's the proverbial, ''between the devil and the deep blue sea'' dilemma.

If he's convicted there undoubtedly will be riots on a large scale by his radical right wing supporters.

If he is acquitted the mainstream media, along with the likes of Nancy Pelosi will whip the extreme left wing groups such as ANTIFA and BLM into a frenzy of destructive civil unrest.

For most of the AMERICAN PEOPLE it's a serious type of heads you lose, tails you lose.

For our enemies it's going to be the opposite of;- heads we win, tails we win.

Pelosi's unstable and irrational hatred for Trump has rendered her a bigger threat to national stability and reconciliation than Trump himself.

With his brash arrogance he has signed the death of his empire and according to reports in today's ( 15th/01/20210) press reports his businesses are crumbling and showing debts of $220 million.

He should be left to wallow in his self made quagmire.

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Let's face it, we have no good reason to expect anything but a conviction. Combine that with the lawsuits he's collected...

I expect that Trump will leave the country soon. He's already not going to attend Biden's inauguration, my guess is that he'll be gone by then.

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Either way he gets to continue on with a major platform and stay in the spotlight while the government is hobbled in Bidens first hundred days.

Since neither outcome matters as Trump is gone either way, I'd have to say the impeachment itself wouldn't be very good for Democrats if it proceeds

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