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What's your take on sunshine?

Is it explainable without a God of any kind? Where did the energy and events for life to somehow come on a planet so perfectly sized and distanced from it to have a life-enriched atmosphere... Unbelievable...

The aliens did a good job with the big bang, I pray to them to guide me every day and they do. Oh they do.

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Sunshine make goods for the vitamen D. If you donut get the sunshine your infertile and the third eye is close. You should must sungaze at the sun to open your third eye

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Not during the daytime but at sunrise and sunset hours it is fine to do so.

I find the moon much more beautiful. In full moon I see the eye of Horus look down upon me and understand the aliens are reassuring me of their presence.

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Your question is whether sunshine is explainable without any god?

Yes. Explain to me the origin, the randomness it just happened to make perfect orbit distance and conditions for life? Yes, yes I'm so sure... No it's sarcasm... Not random events but organised chemical reaction.

Sv3rige(163) Clarified
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The sun was definite designed, but not by no gods necessarily, it was unknown if you truly admit it you don't know. But I know that the earth was flat and that this is just one level of reality designed as a phase of the ladder of spiritual evolution. The sunis the there to give us energy and raise the frequency. When the frequency rises or bitch ass better be on the frequency or you will fry like a potato.

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I think I'll stay in my mother's basement, thanks. The light burns my skin............

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Is it explainable without a God of any kind?

Hello i:

Sure it is.. It's really a matter of arithmetic. Considering that there are TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of planets in the Universe, it's NOT surprising that ONE of them meets the needs of humans..

In fact, it would be surprising to find out that we're the ONLY one.. Mathematically speaking, there's probably BILLIONS of planets in the Universe that meet the needs for life.


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So from nothing came everything. Yes, solid arithmetic.