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 What school has the hottest student body? (6)

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What school has the hottest student body?

This is really a battle for 2nd place...

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Is anyone really surprised? ASU dominates this competition!
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No surprise at all. ASU student body BY FAR!
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I have spent a lot of time out in Arizona when I was on the Hooters Tour, and let me tell you there is no better place to see a bunch of young hotties running around than Mill Ave in Tempe. That place is absurd and it's like Spring Break all year round. I'm pretty certain that every girl at ASU gets a boob job for their 18th birthday before their parents send them off to college.
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FYI - I will only up vote arguments that contain video evidence.
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Is JMU in the 50 Best Colleges?

Maybe the question should be, "What student has the hottest school body?" Yeah, I have no idea what that means either. I'm just trying to rack up points ;)