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 What seriously gets under your skin? (23)

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What seriously gets under your skin?

What makes your blood boil?

What can you absolutely NOT stand? 


I feel like ranting about mine, and thought I'd just get everyone's input 

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I can not stand when people use the word "retard" as an insult to someone else. My best friend's little brother is a "retard" and I don't find it amusing at all.

I dislike when people are at school or work and just don't care about their performance.

And I really don't like seriously stupid people, especially those with no ability to spell simple words.

That is all ^_^

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ur best frends lil' bro is a retard hehuh.........

Imma writting this at skool coz i don do my work, i dont give if i fail.... :3

So you hate "stupid" people, i.e. people with below average intelligence, who in all likelihood suffer from a mild form of mental retardation (IQ below 70)

Yet, simultaneously, you cannot stand when someone uses the word retard to describe someone who they believe has below average intelligence, i.e. mild form of mental retardation


Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
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No need to be a smartass you know what I mean. :)

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You do know, you have just made a breeding ground for Trolls.

You should be crying in shame from the monster you have made.

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People who believe that evolution has the full backing of science so if they're an atheist that makes them a great scientist, they then proceed to not listen to any reason.

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I could't stand it when everyone in high school said my little brother was cute!!!

Shingles. Never had them, but I'm guessing they would get under your skin.

People that ask for a rebuttal after you answered them with a rebuttal.

When people call employees, help. I have yet to see where they are any.

When an opinion is presented as proof. (I'm an atheist and so when I say there is no God, it is fact.) Of course this doesn't apply to us, theist.

When people ask me, what gets under my skin.

Why there is handicap parking close to the building and they pay for physical therapy?

Parking for pregnant women. They go straight from the welfare office and get to park by the front door.

3 points

I like shingles. Maybe you should have them too. I slipped in some of my skin flakes in your tea, or coffee, or LSD or whatever you consume on a daily basis. Have fun with your shingles... although, I think you may get mouth shingles because people usually drink with their mouths.

I don't do that though. I am different. I pour tea/coffee all over my back and let it absorb into my skin.

God Doesn't Exist! Hahaa...

Btw, what gets under your skin?

People that ask for a rebuttal after you answered them with a rebuttal.

U mad bro?

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Homophobes. Rednecks. Bad parents. Unmotivated kids. Arguments from ignorance. Creationists. Rick Santorum supporters. Trickle-down economics. The "drill baby drill" mentality. Sometimes Republicans, although more often than not, I am laughing at them for holding such illogical, archaic beliefs. Neo-cons. Fascists. Did I mention homophobes?

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I am a redneck homophobe republican Neocon Fascist and I beat my children every day. I was lazy at school, and I think that God exists and you are an inbred atheist devil.

Rick Santorum is my Idol, and I worship him every day.

- And I feel deeply offended of what you said.

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I can't really think of anything, so here's a relevant song that I like:

Columbine. - Under My Skin
1 point

How easily I can be distracted away from obviously important matters, by things of comparatively little importance.

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I have a ferret in my pocket. You can come pet it, but only if you leave your cooking unattended.

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I hate it when people patronise you when you are a teenager. You shouldn't be treated like an adult when you get to that age.

Also, I hate it when people decided to not like you when they haven't even met you and know nothing about you! If they have met you or have seen you doing something horrible then yes they have a reason to not like you but not before!

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Sod off, little teenager.

Go find another website to impregnate.

(I have no idea who you are, but the only thing I am sure of right now is that I hate you.)

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Addind one more, stickiness!! I hate having sticky hands or tables, especially whne it won't be cleaned

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What do you mean by sticky?

Did you forget to wash your hands after that episode of The Biggest Loser.

when people criticize me without giving any real arguments, like this guy on my youtube video, "Hey I've got an idea. If you want people to take you seriously, stop trolling youtube´╗┐ threatening violence against random people. Btw I'd love to see you try buddy, I'm DCJS Armed, I stay with a .357 on my side. Your attitude will only serve you to the same ends as the former violent corrupt USSR, your ignorance and tune of violence will be your downfall. If you had threatened me in real life, boy, you'd be singing a different tune. So hide behind your computer, remain ignorant to the world." that's what he said, and the video he responded to is "Meaning of the hammer and sickle", that's all.

what does the hammer and sickle have to do with the guy said about me?
1 point

When people judge me/people without getting to know me/them :P


When i'm upstairs and home alone when the phone rings downstairs and its PPI/sales person ><

Thats what make my blood boil :)

People. Just people in general. Everyone has some stupid feature about them that I resent, that doesn't mean I don't like the person, just that aspect of the person.