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 What should I get my Dad for Father's Day? (18)

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What should I get my Dad for Father's Day?

I need some help!
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I got my Dad a couple of rounds of golf at his favorite golf course. Judging by your name (Time2Golf), maybe that would be a good gift for your Dad. Or you could get him a new sand wedge or some nice new Titleist ProV1's.

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My dad loves food, so I got him Omaha Steaks! Your best bet is one of the combo packs, you can get them for a great price!

Supporting Evidence: Omaha Steaks (
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Hey, it's like you read my mind! Great gift idea ;)

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First off let me say, "What a wonderful child you are planning for Father's Day!" Can you tell I'm a parent? One suggestion is to try and recall what he has given for gifts or talked about giving, generally people give what they'd like to get.

Also speaking "from the parents" perspective, if you can do something with him this would also be nice, when we have all we need as parents, it's just nice to have "time" with our children. I know this sounds sappy but someday you'll all understand.

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Hey, thanks for the idea. I was thinking about getting him 2 tickets to a Nationals game for Father's Day so we could go to the game together, but then I sort of feel like it's cheating because I'm getting myself a present too ;)

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Here are some goofy ideas:

The Miller Time gift basket:

(it's just funny)

Custom ties at -- if he grills, you can also make a custom apron and get some grilling accessories (grill light, digital thermometer, etc)

If he loves yardwork but hates the noise, noise cancelling workman's headphones are a good value.

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My dad would love the following [and maybe yours will too : ) ]

1. Anything that makes his Motorcycle sexier

2. Anything that makes his Truck sexier

3. Steaks - delicious Porterhouses

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I'd like to know more about your father before I answer this. But without knowing more, I'd say give the man a day off.

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A few years back my dad went through his second divorce and the witch took all of his music, so I was thinking about getting him an ipod and preloading all of his favorite band's discographies on it (does that make sense?)... the only problem is, an iPod is expensive and I could only see him using it at work, which would be hard for him, or if he could use it with his home and car stereos without a hassle... which is expensive, I mean, two FM transmitters and an iPod and... the music which would be... costly if...Ehem, you get it.

What do you think?

(I also have like 20 blank CD's that I could just burn everything onto... that I've ripped from lagit copies...)

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This year I got my Dad a set of Omaha Steaks. They had a great special that included steaks, chicken, fish, ribs, etc. They had some great deals on their website that you should check out.

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My Dad loves his boat, so we usually try to get him something related to the boat. Whether it's skis, a new float, a new prop, or whatever, there's always something on Overtons website that you can find that he'd like.

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The Grill Gadget is a random but sufficiently unique & cool Dad gift.

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I got my dad a variety pack from Omaha steaks as well. What a wonderful idea borme! My dad loves to grill, so he'll have lots of fun and think of his kids. I got my husband a watch for father's day b/c my son shattered the face of the one he had, when he threw it down on concrete.

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That is so ironic that we got our Dad the same thing. Seems like a lot of people on CreateDebate like the Omaha Steak idea. Looks like the collective cholesterol of debater's father's are going to be skyrocketing on Sunday!

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I dunno. My dad's been gone about twenty years, but I would think quality time with him, a fine dining experience, and doing something meaningful just for him would be a great gift.

That's what I do with my 81 year old mother and she seems to appreciate it. Repainting her room and building a walk-in kind of closet for her (what she asked for) seemed to hit the spot, took a few days to do, and topped off with just being there for her plus a really nice dinner seemed to really make her day. But I do that on many other days that special days, so you might want to spread the quality time and good things around a bit.

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If it is something that you want to give to your dad, it probably is some of your time. Take him out so that you can spent some quality time with your dad. These would be the times when you can actually share how much you appreciate his being there. So make the best of this opportunity. I guess this would be the best gift for him

A TIE!!! THE TIE!!!!

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A Visa gift card. Let him get himself something he needs/wants. ;)