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 What should we do with convicted Paedophiles? (13)

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What should we do with convicted Paedophiles?

what do u want to do with them?
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they do not deserve a chance at a normal life after what they have done to kids. i say lock them up untill they die, if they don't like too bad, maybe in the next life they might think twice before abusing a young child

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lock em up till they die

Side: just kill 'em

It depends. Is there reason to believe it is isolated, or serial? Is it like the American case where a 19 year old had sex with his 15 year old girl friend at prom and later married and had 4 kids but is officially a sex offender and has to register himself biannually? Was it a grab, a pinch, molestation, as opposed to violent and overt rape? Is it preferential? ie. they prefer kids but have never acted on it like child porn zealots.

In any case, the harshest punishment should be no more than life without parole for the most heinous offenses. In general, I believe consent should be lower to around 16 with common sense governing individual cases, so for the 19 and 15 y/o lovers, they should recognize that as what it is: a high school romance. Molestation, isolated, and discreet I feel constitutes minimal jail time and (based on individual psychological assessment) no contact with children while alone and a fully aware informed community.

In short, it varies, but death I think is a very irrational, disproportionate, and (in my opinion) unethical avenue.

Side: Life in prison for worst offenders
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All I have to say is eye for an eye...

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Punishment should fit the crime. Length of prison sentence should reflect the degree of offense, i.e.; flashing a teenager = 10 years, sexual assault on a 8 y.o. = life in prison. The kicker is prior to release from prison, the perps should have the initials S.O. tattooed on their forehead, and a GPS implant.

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well, i first believe that pedophiles should be classified as someone who has a sexual relation with someone 13 or under. they should be killed.

there's a different science term for people who like teens 14-17. they should have minor to hard time depending on the circumstances and age.

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I agree with you but.... at what point does it change from being child molestation to statutory rape?

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when it goes from molestation to penetration of ... goods?

i dunno google it

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Rape is ahem... yeah.... but molestation is touching and thats it, isn't it?

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