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 What skills and qualities should employers look for in an Individual? (6)

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What skills and qualities should employers look for in an Individual?

Currently conducting research on youth unemployment and the types of qualities employers look for in individuals to better prepare them for employment. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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What skills and qualities should employers look for in an Individual?

Hello M:

NOTHING else matters if you don't get the job. Therefore, mastering the interview MAY be the only skill you need. Fortunately, it can be learned.

When I conduct an interview, the successful applicant didn't spend time telling me about their "QUALIFICATIONS".. They spent time telling me what they were gonna DO for me, and how I couldn't afford NOT to hire him/her..


Hypothetical(68) Clarified
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The OP mentioned this was targetting youth unemployment. Most of these jobs would be entry level at best, so qualifications are out of the window for the most part aside from whatever volunteer work and high school club they could squeeze out onto a resume. The title is also what skills should employers look for. I work at a drug store and our manager hires who he feels does best at the interviews, and we've had 9 people turnover within a month this year alone(I believe my manager's an idiot with no business managing a store but that's for another day). I asked him to let me interview a few and the one he allowed me to hire on is moving up pretty soon. I made sure to make the interviews fairly lengthy to allow them time to A) get used to me and B) burn through all their pre-written interview bullshit and get to their actual personalities. The key is getting to know what kind of person they actually are; not what they can spend upwards of hours of practicing and preparing for what they think will be a 10 minute in and out interview.

Shallow interviews let the shallow people shine.

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Professionalism, proper manners, proper speech with few slang terms especially in a job dealing with the public, manner in which they conduct themselves, timeliness of the interview (showing up in time or early'ish), care taken in personal presentation (not wearing dirty jeans with holes, not slouching in the chair and so on). And a willingness to learn as well as previous experience if possible. One of the main things employers may look for depending on what they are is whether or not a potential employee is looking for a job or looking for a career, with career being a preferable candidate.

What I look for is their critical thinking skills and how well they can adapt to a situation. Good training for this is to just sit down with them one-on-one "interview" style and just have a conversation about a random topic; then a few minutes in completely change the topic and see how well they keep up, minding how engaged they are and how coherent their answers to any questions you ask are.

You can train anyone to follow a few procedures and go through the motions; but the ones you want are the ones that can hold their own when things go south, because they always do at some point.

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This, unironically, depends on the job.

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What skills and qualities should employers look for in an Individual?

They need to be naive, easily scared, easily impressed, greedy, grateful and loyal.

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Pretty stupid aren't ya nom? I don't think we can fix stupid.