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What stereotype is looked down upon more? "Goth/Emo" or "Ghetto Kids"

I see people disrespect, push past, and ignore kids of all stereotypes, but there are the two that I see disregarded the most. And alot of nice kids are put down because of their "label" 

So I want to know who do you think is looked down on more, and WHY


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People look down upon them because they are different looking, or they act differently than most people do. People see them as litle freaks or weirdos

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Mahollinder(898) Disputed
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Yeah, but there's a general acceptance that the vast majority of goths/emos will "mature" beyond their sub-cultural leanings and become established, healthy adults - productive members of society, who eventually remove their makeup and piercings, and trade them for the business suit. Like the Hippies. That can't be said about "ghetto kids". There's no real expectation of a "ghetto kid" (I feel stupid saying that) becoming much of anything, really.

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You do have a point I never thought of it that way.tHANK yOU

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Actually many not "Ghetto Kids" attempt to emulate the ghetto kids where as the Goths not so much, so Goths. Also there doesn't seem to be an expectation for Goths to grow out of it like you claim.

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Ghetto kids, have one destination in life, without a revelation they will end up in a ghetto, among other people that think their too cool to be controlled by the "stupid system" what they dont know is, if they really wanna be defiant the system will control them, they will end up in a 5x5 concrete cell and the system will tell them when they can eat, drink, flush the toilet, go outside, and every other aspect of their life. it is until they realize that this will be what happens if they dont straighten out, emo kids, the vast majority grow up, get jobs and become functioning members of society.

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Billie(790) Disputed
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Whilst I get where you are coming from, you are generalizing to the point where you imply there is no "ghetto kid" that makes it to the top. There are many examples of "ghetto kids" who made it to fame and success so that successfully disproves part of your argument. Many "ghetto kids" do continue to have their own "ghetto kids" in their "ghetto" and/or go to jail for some "ghetto" crime but that does not justify one putting all eggs into one basket. On every tree there is a bad fruit as well as many good ones, and whilst one may grow up in slums with parents that set a terrible example, they don't always follow in their parents footsteps.

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wrestlerii(57) Disputed
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sorry, i was simply referring to the majority of the population. there are always good people in any group. just the vast majority of the ghetto population are born and raised in a way where they stay there. some may use it as motivation to get out of the ghetto, but the vast majority simply don't. and i know this from example, i live in a house where my parents choose to allow foster kids come live with us. i see all sorts of kids that come from the ghetto, kids that have been influenced, and i think 1 out of the 13 kids ive had live with me actually had a turn around. whereas all of my emo friends are growing out of there emo/goth phase. therefore i do think the ghetto population is looked down upon more than the emo/goth population.

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