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 What talent do you have? (10)

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What talent do you have?

It can be anything don't be silly about it lol.

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What talent do you have?

I have the ability to troll.

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Agreed. I have to come up with something else now....


i have a few talents but my big one is that i can read multple books at once

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I am a multi-instrumentalist and apparently quite the charmer.

I play seven different instruments how many do you play and are you good at them?

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Six; drums, guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, and some keys. Others would tell you I'm good but I can't perform all that well under pressure. My main instrument is the drums, I find the rhythm to be fun when it's intricate. No other instrument places such an importance on rhythm. And what may I ask do you play?

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I have the talent of being able to sing pretty well.

Also I can fit my whole fist in my mouth :)

That is great that you can sing and stick your whole fist in you mouth I hope you don't through up.

I have an uncanny talent for spelling. I never had to crack a book in school to learn spelling. It came naturally to me.