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What was the first debate you ever made in on this site?

Lets see if you can go way back in the day. Be sure to post the link with your answer! I will be checking to see if your answer is the right one. Make it more fun by posting how many days ago it was created.


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You have people that are in their 1000's lol even older than you.

I am right behind you my friend at least I have a cane not a walker like you. =]

2 points Cure_Serious_Diseases

My first debate, created 361 days ago. :) I actually didn't think this was my first one. lol I thought it was one on teen dating that I did.

This is the right one you have no worries lol. Best_male_rock_vocalist_of_all_time

Best Male Rock Vocalist of all time...1,283 days ago.

To be completely honest I was hoping yours would be about Obama because of your name and all lol.

2 points

Hehehe! Yup... plus I was basically just a troll when I first joined this site (maybe still am)

What was your first Silas?

1 point

Something about whether robots are or can ever be sentient beings entitled to legal and moral rights.

Where's the link clearly you had to read the instructions? Do you know how to find it?

1 point

Fire Departments

---790 days ago.

1 point

Never made one yet and don't think I will anytime soon.

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Then why did you come here then just for show lol?

I guess people are now finding those topics more boring because they are classic.

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Should make-up be tested on animals?

I think I made this 32 or 33 days ago

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I can't be sure, but I believe it's the one I never made.